Aug 292007

Tomorrow will be a new Von Madd story. It is technically ready today but I keep squinting my eyes at the ending like I don’t trust it. Funny how when I used to post daily, I would think nothing of just throwing a story out there but as my updating becomes irregular, I tend towards more perfection. It is like, if I am going to post once this week, it had better be a damn good one.

Last night I dreamed I took a hundred beautiful pictures of a woman in a red dress posing in a library. This morning I woke up with Christmas excitement that I hadn’t uploaded the pictures yet. That was when I realized you can’t upload pictures from a dream. Or can you?

This Friday I am attending Dragon*Con again. Wohoo! I’ll be away from any computer which is how I like it. If you are attending, drop me an e-mail and maybe we can meet up and you can see an actual sex blogger wearing a Thundcats shirt.

I plan to get some more art commissions done this year and have budgeted some money for it. I want to get a portrait of Otto, and I am debating getting one of a female sex robot since that story has been banging around my head for awhile. Otto Von Madd deals with super-science with every story but yet I have hesitated to do a fembot story of any kind. I think there is something inherently dom-like about wanting to create a female from scratch. Every time I see the Bride of Frankenstein, I always think of what an ultimate act of worship it is for a man to create a woman. It is about liking women so much, that a person gathers together their favorite qualities and try to concentrate those qualities into one person. Yeah the whole using parts of corpses is a turn-off, but as a writer, I sympathize with the desire to create a character who speaks and acts for themselves, but ultimately sprang from your mind.

But there is also something inherently loser-like in the creation of artificial women. It implies that the person needs to make your own woman instead of meeting real girls. Which is funny because the research I have done into people who have a fembot fetish are not interested in objectifying women as much as they like to feminize objects. Again though, that is not a terribly attractive sexual quality. Oh well, I’ll figure it out eventually.

  3 Responses to “Hump Day Update”

  1. “Yeah the whole using parts of corpses is a turn-off…”

    Whew! It was relief to hear you say that!

    And, I think it’s not loser-ish to want to create what would to you, or whoever, would be perhaps the perfect woman. Look at it like a lifetime of experience being used towards a satisfying end.

    Can’t wait to see the story…


    P.S. – I’ve tagged you. I know you’re crazy busy, but…

  2. I am ready to go to the library when you are ……

  3. I’m sure we can find me a pretty red dress, and there is a library right around the corner…. or are you still over blondes? ;-P

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