Aug 102007

Teresa smashed the guy’s face. As his head snapped back, she kicked him in the balls. Twice. It took real skill to kick a man’s junk twice. You have to really want to hurt someone. Teresa’s grandmother would have called it dedication.

The guy fell to the ground with a painful moan. The moan made Teresa think of Nick. She thought his name was Nick but she wasn’t completely sure. It was the same kind of moan that Nick had made when he sank his cock right into her cunt. Teresa’s cunt clenched as she savored the memory. They had just fucked fours hour ago. They had just met five hours ago. Don’t think that made Teresa a slut. It was just the way her grandmother had raised her.

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The moaning guy’s friend decided to do something. He reached for his knife. His mouth might have begun to say something about Teresa’s affinity with prostitutes but he never got a chance to share his wit. Teresa had buried both fists in his stomach and then brought them up against his chin. Broken teeth make it hard to say much of anything.

“Madre de Dios, I am so horny,” Teresa said and it was true. Fighting made her hot. The crunch of bodies, the movements of arms and the sweet connection of flesh on flesh was better than porn. Her nipples were hard, her cheeks were flushed and by Christ the Savior, she would have killed to have Nick’s cock in her right now. She wanted to fuck. She wanted to masturbate. She wanted to hump a door. She just wanted to get off.

Instead, she kept fighting.

She kicked down the door to the tenement building and charged in. Her black hair flew around her face. It obscured her vision but men were always such suckers for her long Latina hair. Just like they were suckers for her black sports bra that barely held in her breasts or the very short shorts that did nothing to cover her thighs. The only thing remotely sensible she wore was a pair of shiny black boots that laced up her calves. She wore minimal clothing so they could appreciate every toned inch of her body. Those few seconds they spent fantasizing about her was more than enough time for Teresa to do some permanent damage.

There were five guys in front of her. They were the typical thugs she had fought so many times before. These particular losers were part of a drug gang and Teresa had been paid by the local community to clean these vermin out. Teresa would have done it for free because her grandmother raised her to be a good girl, but a woman has to eat. Well, eat and get fucked. Nick’s cock for an hour of sex was part of her payment too. Five hundred dollars and eight inches of cock was Teresa’s standard fee.

They laughed because they couldn’t believe this pretty girl had kicked down their door. One made a comment about what she could do with her mouth. Another joked about how many times they could pass her around. They stopped laughing when she kicked the nearest one so hard his body spun twice in the air. She punched another in the throat before they started moving though. Boys were always so slow.

The three guys came at Teresa and for one moment, she thought about letting go. They were big guys. Two had knives and one picked up a steel bat. Three on one was dangerous enough to merit letting go. But no, she held it.

Kick of the Dancer took down the first guy.

Cat’s Claw took down the second.

For the third she almost used Kick of the Dancer again, but she could hear her grandmother’s sigh of disappointment in her the back of her head. It was lazy and sloppy to use what always worked. Only whores and white women used the same trick over and over. Teresa’s grandmother did not teach her only granddaughter the secret martial arts of their people just to have let her take the easy way out. This is why only women were taught and not men: women had more pride.

Teresa disarmed the last guy with Coyote’s Bite. She then took his steel bat and hit him upside the head. She rarely used weapons, which was all the more reason to do it now. Grandmother would have approved.

The guys were all defeated and Teresa was still horny. She ran up the stairs, casually slamming her elbow into some punk’s face as he came down the stairs. Teresa took the stairs two at a time. She could almost imagine Nick’s come from earlier sliding down her legs.

The dirty thought made her run faster.

Two more punks were at the top of the stairs. They were staring down at her bouncing cleavage. Neither of them saw her fists as they connected with their jean wrapped cock bulges. Tears blinded both of them as Teresa’s uppercuts sent them into unconsciousness.

Teresa stood at the top of the stairs and caught her breath. Her body was vibrating with adrenaline and sex. Her fists and feet were ready to smash into anyone stupid enough to face her. Her cunt was ready to be fucked.

A knife flew at her. Teresa laughed; a sexy giggle that belonged in a bedroom not a dirty gang home. She caught the knife in the air and was ready to throw it right back at the sweaty punk who was now running from her. At the last moment she changed her aim and threw the knife at his leg. He fell to the ground screaming until Teresa crushed her boot down onto his skull.

“Fuck yeah!” Teresa yelled. The fighting lust was upon her. The old men of her village often whispered how the battle lust of women made even soccer fans look tame. The young boys never believed it until it was too late. The married men however, they always believed.

Doors opened all around her. Men came pouring out like hard cocks out of tight underwear. Some carried knives, some carried chains and the rest carried any nasty object they could find. It was the whole damn gang and Teresa was in a tight hallway.

Now would have been a perfect time to let go. Her body coiled within itself, ready to release but Teresa stopped it with all her will. These fools were not worth it.

She shrugged off her sports bra. The idiots hesitated and leered at her perky brown tits. While they stared, she launched herself at them. The tight hallway should have been bad for her but she used it to her advantage. She used Mother’s Slap to knock the sense out of the biggest of them and used his crying body as a roadblock. She aimed for knees and ankles, snapping bones till the hallway was littered with the wailing. Only so many of the fuckers could get to her when they had to climb over their fallen friends’ bodies.

Teresa’s body did what it did best. Muscular arms drove fists into soft places. Tight thighs held her steady as she kicked male flesh. Hard nipples caught the dim light long enough to distract the stupid. Cold eyes saw the next man to take down while smiling lips mocked the fallen. Lastly, Teresa’s wet sensitive pussy kept clenching in anticipation.

It didn’t take five minutes to reduce the terror of the streets into a crying mess of machismo. Men who raped girls were now weeping. Men who sold drugs to children begged for mercy. Men who were disgraces to their families mourned the loss of feeling in their limbs. Teresa stepped over their twitching bodies. If she didn’t love cock so much, she would have sworn men off forever.

Locked doors shattered under punishing kicks. This was the worse time. The final targets were within reach, her body was sweaty and you could almost taste the climax of the job. Teresa started to tremble and she had to vividly recall her grandmother’s face to keep from masturbating.

The boss was hiding in his bedroom. A gang of whores surrounded him but they were too afraid to be much of a problem. Teresa had eyes only for their owner. He was a big fucker who pumped iron to look good instead of being tough. Asshole was still big enough to be dangerous though. He must have seen one too many Tarantino movies because instead carrying a gun like a smart man, he was carrying a fucking sword. It was ridiculous but as big as he was, he could send a butter knife through a truck. A damn sword made him dangerous.

The sword wielding nut screamed at her. He came charging, trampling one of his sluts like she was discarded underwear not worth stepping over. Veins popped all over his body as he lifted the sword up high. The asshole wasn’t just going to kill Teresa, he was going to fucking cleave her.

“Yes,” Teresa moaned. She could finally let go. Here was a jerk worthy of what she had been holding all night. This is the kind of stupid male evil that Teresa’s female ancestors had hated years ago. This was why they trained, fucked and fought. This was an evil that was around before cocaine, before there were white men and before the Aztecs came for their hearts.

She placed one hand on the crotch of her shorts and pushed against the soaking wet mess that was her cunt. The barest touch along with the permission inherent was all she needed.

Teresa finally climaxed from the sex she had with Nick earlier.

The orgasm exploded and then froze. The world turned purple. Time slowed down like a morning dry hump. Teresa felt bliss radiate through her body as the sexual energies flooded her body. Accompanying the bliss was an amazing feeling of power. This is why she fucked. This is why she fought. This was the point of sex: to use the power to make things right.

The guy was still charging at her but now he seemed ridiculously slow. Teresa casually dodged the swinging sword, the razor edge coming so close to her dark nipple but moving so slow that she was in no danger at all. She stepped to the side as he swung again, this time lifting her thigh a fraction of an inch to avoid the blade’s touch. The only sign that Teresa was exerting herself at all was the rapid breathing that escaped her lips; it was the gasp of a woman caught in a minute long orgasm.

She struck out. She didn’t bother to disarm him. Teresa landed a kiss on his lips with the full force of her fist. His entire body shook with the impact and the sword wobbled in his hands like spent cock. Surprise blossomed on his face. Theirs eyes locked on one another with an intimacy greater than lovers.

Teresa struck him in the chest. She hit him with so much force that his body shivered in spasms. He fell back moaning in pain and Teresa followed him moaning in triumph. The sword fell between them and Teresa kicked it away without even thinking. He took a step back and she shattered a rib. He stumbled and she drove her knee right into crotch. She couldn’t help but notice how hard his cock felt against her knee. Her mouth opened sensually as she broke a second rib and then a third. When he fell to the ground, Teresa landed on top of him. She straddled his groaning body as she continued to shower his body with loving blows from her fist.

The lust was upon her. Her eyes were half closed with pleasure as she pummeled the man. She had to touch him, had to feel his skin on her body and she had to feel him tremble between her thighs as she made every inch of his body hurt. Her pussy clenched with every punch. Her breasts bounced with every swing of her arm. Her thighs clenched with every groan she heard. She broke him down with the care that only a woman could give.

In short, she fucked him up.

Like all orgasms, this one couldn’t last forever. Slowly the world shifted from purple back to normal. Time returned to normal and Teresa’s arms became heavy with exhaustion. The heat of her cunt faded into the smolder of spent sex. The sweat that covered her body no longer felt sexy. Now it just made her feel sticky.

She stood up on shaky legs. The gang leader was unconscious but still alive. His whores whimpered in terror. Teresa shook her head. The job that she had been paid to do was done, but now came the really important part.

“You,” she said to the still cowering women. “Tell your pimps, your molesting fathers and your bastard children about this. Tell them to quit peddling drugs. Tell them to go to church and respect their mothers. Tell them to act like they were born with some damn sense.”

The women looked at her. Teresa could see their confusion. Here was this topless woman telling them to stand up to their men. She was beautiful and yet she was not a victim. That was hard to understand. Teresa remembered the words of her grandmother who said it better.

“Tell them that if they don’t behave, a woman will come and kick their ass.”

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  1. An absolutely lovely little bit of urban fantasy. Fighting and sex, a great combination and a really wonderful little story.

  2. t’sade- Thanks. I started this story almost two weeks ago intending it to be fast and dirty. Of course once I started writing I kept thinking about the whole action genre and it kept getting bigger.

  3. Wow – that was awesome. I absolutely adore the comparison/complimenting of sex and fighting. Love it.

  4. Musns- Thank you. I had a lot of fun weaving the two together.

  5. very interesting

  6. The imagery was amazing in this one. Good job!

  7. That was most excellent indeed! Your protagonist reminded me a bit of Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (before she went bad) – she very much combined sex with slaying.

    xx Dee

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