Aug 202007

Katie Delman waved her badge at the unblinking purple electronic eye. She heard the tiny bell chime that acknowledged once again that Katie was an employee of the Von Madd Laboratories. The security door opened and Katie proceeded to the enclosed checkpoint room. All around her, other employees were entering their own private corridors for the next security precaution.

Sometimes processing so many employees really slowed the system down and that used to bother Katie. The Von Madd Labroties researched sexual science, not something dangerous like germ warfare or popcorn production. Katie thought the security was unnecessary until a team of corporate espionage agents were discovered trying to steal Von Madd’s latest erectile dysfunction cure. There was big money in sex; just ask any poor bastard who shells out fifty bucks to get a hard on.

“Prepare for Identification Test,” a friendly voice instructed. Katie never knew if the voice was automatic or a real person. She tried to imagine what that kind of job would be like. The thought made her guiltily wet.

Katie, M.I.T. graduate and top of her class, pulled her panties down to her ankles and lifted her skirt above her waist. She used one hand to balance herself against the wall while her other hand held her skirt up. Her ass was out at an angle perfected by many days of practice.

A paddle emerged from the wall. Laser targeting beams scanned her ass. The paddle was picked up by a robotic arm and brought into position behind Katie’s behind. A trajectory was planned before the paddle swung up at Katie’s ass.

“Oww!” she cried out, like she did every work day morning.

More calculations were made. Sensors within the paddle compared the resistance of Katie’s buttocks to past measurements made on Katie’s behind. The heat rising from the point of impact was analyzed and compared. Katie’s exclamation was run through a sensitive sound computer that verified Katie’s unique outburst.

It was determined that Katie Delman’s ass was really Katie Delman’s. The security check was complete.

But before the door opened, a second smack was delivered to Katie’s waiting ass. She cried out louder this time and sudden burst of heat blossomed in her cunt. This time the paddle hit her so hard that her glasses slid down her nose. Katie thought the second paddle swing was more verification but she was incorrect. The second paddle swing was because a note in her file said that Katie’s employee morale was always higher when her ass was stinging.

A chine went off. “Thank you, please proceed to your work station.”

Katie stood back up. She pulled her panties up over her tender bottom. She smoothed her skirt back down. She pushed her glasses back up her nose. Outwardly she did her best to project a sense of professional intellectualism but between her thighs, she was already looking forward to coming back to work tomorrow.

  9 Responses to “Fiction: Security Check”

  1. I have missed reading your stories!

  2. I’ve been thinking of changing careers, lately. I’d like to submit an application to the Von Madd Laboratories. I’m skilled in many areas.


  3. Teacher- You know, I really miss having people read what I write :)

    Eve- If the Writing Gods smile on me, you might actually see that story this week.

  4. I do believe I my morale would be higher if my ass was stinging too.

  5. “It was determined that Katie Delman’s ass was really Katie Delman’s. The security check was complete.”

    You have a knack for spawning real humour from the most bizzare of situations (or is that just my own twisted sense of humour) :P

    Very sharp and sweet story…kinda like those ass slaps of katie’s :P

    Good to have you back ^^


  6. Y’know, I think I’m working in the wrong industry!

    xx Dee

  7. Musns- I know mine would be if other people’s asses were stinging.

    Mystique- Thanks, I will do my best to stay back.

    Dee- We all are, Dee.

  8. I want to work for Von Madd labs! :)

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