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She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was him! When she signed up to be a test subject for the Von Madd Laboratories, she never guessed she would actually get to meet the fabulous genius who had given her so many orgasms.

“Dr. Von Madd!” she said as she jumped up from her chair. “It is an honor to meet you!”

He looked at her. Well, she thought he looked at her. It was hard to tell with those purple goggles he was wearing. She couldn’t see his eyes and his mouth was too impassive to read either. He was a tall man so he had to look down at her, which made his impassive face all the more foreboding. He tilted the clipboard he was carrying and she assumed he read something.

“Yes, it is an honor for you to meet me,” Dr. Von Madd said. “I rarely conduct my own product tests but we are short handed today. There was an accident in the chocolate pornography department and now half the testing staff is eating their way to freedom. Please follow me to the testing area.”

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He exited the waiting room without even pausing to see if she was following. She caught up to him and before she could stop herself, she was babbling about how much she loved his products.

“I have been a big fan of yours ever since I bought your Secret Boyfriend vibrator!” she gushed. “It has been a huge help ever since my-“

Dr. Von Madd spun around and placed a hand on her lips. It was a gentle touch that covered her lips with the palm of his hands. His fingers smelled like fresh paper and plastic.

“Please, say no more about yourself,” Dr. Von Madd said. “The less I know about you, the better I can judge the results of the product we will be testing. The whole point of the Eve Program is to take random, sexually explorative women who have no prior lab experience, or background information that might prejudice the data gatherers. I don’t want to know if you are married, if you are a professional dominatrix or if you’re one of those sex bloggers we keep hearing about. As far as I am concerned, you are just a sexually adventurous woman; freshly sprung from the world outside my laboratory, also known as the Garden of Boredom. I will refer to you as Eve, and you will smile and say nothing except what is asked of you. Do you understand?”

Something fluttered deep inside Eve’s stomach. Oh, how she wished she could have told him that was she so turned on by being dominated by such a brilliant man. She wanted to drop to her knees and show him how compliant she could be. She had assumed her submissive tendencies were why she got this job, not she realized she had to keep them a secret from the one man she wanted to tell. Eve tried to nod in a vanilla non-submissive manner.

“Good,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Now come inside here, Eve.”

The room was rather stark. Blank white walls enclosed a space slightly bigger than her bedroom. A single bench sat in the middle of the room. It was shaped a lot like the bondage benches she had seen online complete with leather cuffs to secure her ankles and wrists. A small silver box sat to the side and Eve would have loved to know what was inside it. A paddle? Some new kind of violet wand? Something more terrible and perverse?

“Please strip down and get on the bench,” Dr. Von Madd instructed.

“Strip all the way down?” Eve asked.

Dr. Von Madd didn’t look up from his clipboard. “Of course, Eve.”

She started slow and sexy. She unbuttoned her blouse and took her sweet time slowly revealing the black lace bra she picked out this morning. She let the blouse drop to the floor so that her bra was in full view. The delicate lace clung to her breasts in a very promising way.

Dr. Von Madd kept reading his notes.

Eve slipped off one shoe and then the other. She unbuttoned her pants and shimmied to get the tight jeans down her long legs. Back and forth she wobbled in place, jiggling her breasts and bottom in an inviting manner. She bent completely over to remove her pants so that her long legs could be admired in all their beauty.

Dr. Von Madd frowned and turned to another page.

Eve sighed and stood back up. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. It fell to the floor and exposed her tits. Her nipples were hard and waiting to be pinched, bitten or pulled.

Dr. Von Madd took out a pen and a wrote a note, never once looking up.

Eve frowned. She pulled at her matching black lace panties and pulled them down with the same care she used for her jeans. She lingered a little, taking her time before standing back up so that her bare ass could be appreciated. When she stood back up, she tried to casually run a fingernail along her bare thigh, trailing up towards her naked sex.

“Excellent,” Dr. Von Madd said and Eve brightened. “You’re finally ready.”

She sighed again. “Yes, Dr.”

“Good, now straddle the bench,” Dr. Von Madd said.

Eve nodded. She knew just how he meant. She swung one leg up and around the bench. Slowly she lowered herself down and reached out to place her wrists inside the leather cuffs. The bench was shaped so that it supported her body, but left her sex hanging over the side.

Dr. Von Madd walked around her. He secured the leather cuffs to her ankles and then walked around to her front to secure her wrists. He tied her down efficiently, not even pausing to caress or stroke the naked helpless flesh before him. Eve couldn’t decide if this frustrated her or turned her on more.

He stepped behind her and Eve struggled to see what he was doing but the bench held her firmly. Without warning, she felt fingers slip inside her cunt. Eve shivered and cried out at the sudden invasion.

“Excellent, I see you won’t need to be lubricated,” Dr. Von Madd said.

“Ah, no,” Eve meekly said as the fingers pulled away.

She heard the box open. Eve could feel the weight of something be placed on the bench between her legs. The sound of tiny motors echoed in the small room and something mechanical was certainly extending. Cold metal wrapped around both of her thighs and locked securely. Just as Eve was beginning to panic, something wonderful entered her cunt.

“Oh yes!” Eve called out.

“That is the usual response for the BegMaster 300,” Dr. Von Madd said. “It is a hands free vibrator, and it’s using your thighs to support itself as it gets ready to fuck you. Are the vibrations too intense?”

Eve shuddered as the vibrations became more pleasurable. The BegMaster slid deep into her cunt but pulled back just as it was about to fill her completely. She squirmed on the bench to get more of the vibrator into her, but the cuffs held her tight.

“It’s . . . it’s . . . its fine,” Eve stuttered, and it was. “What do you need me to do?”

Dr. Von Madd was still behind her. She liked to think he was looking right at the strange toy entering her cunt. That thought sent even more chills down her thighs.

“Do, Eve?” Dr. Von Madd said. “All you need to do is enjoy.”

Eve purred. That was easy to do. The vibrator dived deep into her and then slowly teased its way back out of her. The vibrations kept changing, ramping up to a pelvis shaking intensity and then dropping down to a pleasant tingle. Sometimes Eve would struggle in her bonds to fuck the vibrator but the grip it had on her thighs kept her from having any say in her fucking. She was at the toy’s mercy.

She didn’t know how much this was true till the vibrations suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Eve demanded. The vibrator had completely removed itself from her sex.

“The BegMaster 300 works on a voice program,” Dr. Von Madd said. “You need to beg it to continue, and the BegMaster will analyze your voice for sincerity, desperation and arousal. In short, you need to convince it you really want it.”

“Oh, please, please, please,” Eve babbled, falling back on the old reliable plea.

To her surprise, it worked. The BegMaster penetrated her waiting pussy with a vengeance. The vibrations were stronger this time, and the thrusts were more rapid. It was fucking her hard, and that’s exactly what she wanted.

And it stopped again, this time in mid thrust.

“No!” Eve whimpered. “Please, please, please keep fucking me.”

“Remember, it also judges your begging by innovation,” Dr Von Madd said.

“Give it to me,” Eve said. “Fuck my cunt and use me, BegMaster 300.”

That worked. The thrusting resumed and Eve moaned. It might have been her imagination but it seemed like the vibrator was a little more ruthless now. It was pounding into her cunt now. The grip around her thighs seemed much tighter now. She squirmed to meet the thrusts and this time the vibrator worked with her. She could feel her orgasm start to swell and explode.

And it stopped again.

“Oh God, no!” Eve yelled. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, please. Don’t stop, I am so close, oh please. I need it so bad, please keep fucking me.”

The BegMaster came back on. This time it was slower with it’s penetration but that was just fine with Eve. She would take it. She would take it fast, slow, whatever it took to keep being fucked. She was a helpless horny mess and she knew it.

It stopped again.

Eve shook the bench as her body launched into a tantrum. “No! Keep going! Please, oh please fuck me! I need it so bad! I am a horny whore who needs to be fucked, so please give it to me!”

That was enough. The BegMaster surged back to life and fucked her again. The vibrations were low this time, but that was compensated by the almost savage thrusts the vibrator gave her cunt. It fucked her so hard that the bench squeaked with each thrust. Eve took it gladly, surrendering mind and body to the fickle device.

She could feel the orgasm coming. The hard fucking was sending her over the edge. Although she couldn’t see Dr. Von Madd, just knowing he was there observing her was turning her on. Knowing that her every sound she made, every twist of her bound body and every clench of her buttocks was being watched by the doctor was keeping her in a state of heightened sensitivity. She knew that when her orgasm came, it would be entered into sexual science history.

The BegMaster stopped. More distressing to Eve, it released her thighs and slid completely out of her. She could hear the mechanical sounds of it folding back up. It wasn’t waiting for her to beg, it was stopping altogether!

“What? Why is it going away?” Eve said.

“It seems to be working fine,” Dr. Von Madd said. “The voice activation software is adequate and the automatic thigh mounting technology successfully anchored itself on the first try. We’ll need a dozen more first try tests with a dozen more Eve’s, but with a little luck we’ll get this toy out in time for Christmas orders.”

Eve whimpered. “But . . . I didn’t come.”

She felt a hand on her bare bottom. “I am sorry, Eve, but I can not let you use the BegMaster 300 prototype past its testing duration. Every minute of the prototype’s existence has been mapped out and preplanned. I can release your hands and you could masturbate if you like.”

“No!” Eve said. “I mean, please, I need to be fucked.”

She shivered as she felt his hand move. It dragged across her bottom in a very non-scientific way.

“Are you asking me to fuck you, Eve?” he asked. The cold impassive tone was gone from his voice. Oh, there was still distance in his voice, but there was something else there too. It was desire.

“Yes,” Eve said. She heard his zipper being pulled down.

“Too bad,” Dr. Von Madd said. He was half growling now. “Because what I really want is for you to beg me.”

“Oh I will,” Eve said. “I will beg, grovel and do whatever you want. Do me, spank me, fuck me, do whatever you want to me Dr. Von Madd, just use me. Please!”

The sound of dropping pants was her answer. She heard a condom package tear open and she moaned louder. Firm hands gripped her hips as she felt the tip of his cock touch her sex. She waited for it to slip in, but instead it just stayed there. It teased her and Eve knew exactly what she had to do.

“Please,” she whimpered.

“Please, what?” Dr. Von Madd said.

“Please fuck me,” Eve said.

“I’m begging you.”

So he did.

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  1. Very well written! I’m glad you took your time to get this one just right. :-)

    I wanna be an Eve!!!!!

  2. Wow.

    I can’t decide what is best, the hint of the chocolate pornography section, the attempt to nod in a vanilla non-submissive way, the strip-tease that frustrated Eve, the BegMaster 3k stopping before she got to come, or the begging of Dr. Von Madd to fuck her.

    Yummy, yummy, yummy! Patience has been rewarded!

  3. Lovely. Just lovely. Although Eve’s begging seemed fairly rudimentary compared to what I am expected to deliver. ;-)

    And the good doctor is TALL? I imagined him as a somewhat short, unimpressive-looking MIT nerd, which made his magnetism and dominance all the more startling.

    Yes, the story is lovely. But best of all, and destined for the category of Great Lines of Literature, is this: “There was an accident in the chocolate pornography department and now half the testing staff is eating their way to freedom.”

    THAT is pure genius.

  4. Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy! I *love* this one!

  5. Oh, it was well worth the wait for this. And for all there is so much to love in this story (a begging machine? Now that gets my attention), what amused me the most was this:

    Eve tried to nod in a vanilla non-submissive manner.

    I’ve tried to do that. It’s damned hard!

    xx Dee

  6. Hmm, I guess you liked it,

    Psyche- Thank you :)

    Musns- Patience is always rewarded :)

    Oatmeal girl- The chocolate pornography department is genius, although fattening genius.

    t’sade- Thanks :)

    Asian librarian- I’ll happily take a purr :)

    Curvaceous Dee- Funny how the line about nodding tickles people.

  7. I’d have clapped, but my hand was busy.

  8. gonna need you to find a nice marketer and get some of these toys out. that would be right fantastic right now.

  9. Now that Dr. Von Madd knows “me” and what my reponses might be does that disqualify me from testing for other products?

    I certainly hope not. ;)


    P.S. – Do I get a sample Beg Master 300 when it goes on the market? Good God, I need that machine!

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