Aug 142007

So currently the super big project my job was involved in has moved to the theoretically less busy phase but somehow I still managed to work twelve hours yesterday. On my lunch break I sketched out the plot to my next story, fully intending to start writing as soon as I was done for the day. Considering I was still working till eleven last night, that never happened.

Work is like the ultimate writing scrambler. Trying to meet deadlines and finding out exactly how little work other people are doing doesn’t really get the brain ready to bust out an erotic post. My thoughts become more incoherent as my libido is over written by technical issues and work instructions. At this point my brain is such jelly that my posts would be something like, “Aren’t breasts awesome? I sure do like blowjobs. Where’s my camera?”

On the other hand, the more work I do, the greater my desire to write something more satisfying. I don’t want to write out a short one-pager. I want to pour myself into something longer and deeper. I want to create a new section of the Von Madd labs and really indulge myself. I want to escape from work by sinking into fantasy. It becomes a grudge at this point; I don’t want to write unless it’s something bigger than I have the time to write. Self destructive tendencies for the win!

I’m hoping things settle down soon and this blog will be far more entertaining.

  3 Responses to “Erotica Alert Level: Exhausted Blue”

  1. I’ll wait with endlessly baited breath (plus, I’m going to a convention this week :P).

  2. I’m standing in line with t’sade on this one.

    No convention though.

  3. Waiting and agreeing that breasts and blowjobs are awesome! :)

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