Aug 032007

Strip down your clothes. Take off your responsibilities. Slip out of your fears. Peel off your commitments. Remove everything and crawl to me.

Crawl across the floor. Drop to your hands and knees and leave the person you were behind. Stop being who you were and who you were afraid to be. Crawl to me as the person you want to be. Crawl to me as my very good pet.

Crawl to me with your hair down. Feel your hips sway with every move. Feel your breasts swing side to side. Feel the heat surge between your thighs. Crawl across the floor with a smile on your face.

Crawl to me.

  4 Responses to “Crawl”

  1. I had tears run down my face whilst reading that this morning.

  2. Hey man. Just wanna say I’ve been a fan of your erotica since early into my 17th year. But I figured I’d wait till I was 18 before I posted anything. I like how you mix the intelectual with the sexual, it’s sort of how I look at sex. Anyway, keep it good man.


  3. Musns- Thank you, that means a lot to me to know my writing can effect people so.

    Anonymous- Thanks :) Welcome to adulthood :)

    Actually, the age range of the people I connect to fascinates me and I am so happy that I can write something that means something to everyone.

  4. Ooooh…I miss this. So much. This is what subspace is for me. Letting go, giving my control and being.

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