Jul 022007

The power came back on first. Black lights, spotlights, dungeon lights, bedroom lights and the always important bathroom lights flickered back on. The gentle hum of air conditioners shook everything like a house sized vibrator. In other more sticky rooms, the heat amped up till it was safe to walk butt naked again. Video cameras opened their eyes, searching and recording everything with their voyeur obsession.

Slowly the characters back to work. It started with a curvy girl with nipple jewelry and she was joined by girls with glasses, girls with skirts and girls who laid around the house in t-shirts and panties. Some of them were no more than half formed thoughts; a singular feature like a great smile or a tight ass. Other characters were more conceptual like the Strict Doctor or the Biting Kisser. Some characters were recreations of real people, clothed in erotic reinterpretations. One or two were recreations of people who should be real.

As the characters became more vivid, settings and props filled in around them. A shower appeared here, a cozy bed appeared there, while an entire science lab linked together like an erotic Lego set. Toys spontaneously edited themselves in. Dildoes popped within arm’s reach. Paddles hung on walls like they had always been there. Entire wardrobes wrapped themselves around the characters, clothing them in the endless possibilities that the libido might require.

Last come the plots. They link everything together with intangible purple lines. This is the touchy part, for the plots swap pieces, trade characters, disintegrate some details and outright steal other elements from other plots. Entire stories die in this phase, dropping back into the subconscious to emerge years later in other stories or maybe only reappear tonight during sex. Some stories become impossibly large before shrinking back down into the realm of convenience. Like some kind of high speed orgy, the plots copulate and fuck until a handful are left. They stand there panting and sweating with the need to be written.

The blog is ready to post again.

  3 Responses to “Start Up”

  1. *waits with baited breath*
    *stops eating fish chips*

    Welcome back. I hope you have at least some fun doing that “work” thing and really glad you liked the story, figured it was an easier way of saying I enjoy your writing. And for a brief moment, I almost considered writing an in-character journal on the character, but resisted at the last minute. Having enough trouble with my journals.

  2. …cries in relief…

    You’re back, you’re back, you’re back!

    Okay, enough flipping out – glad to see you’re back and the motors kicking in again, hope all was accomplished that needed to be for work and happy you’re home safe & sound. No more skulking around hoping you’ve returned and posted something new.

  3. t’sade- Right at this very moment, I have three different characters I would love to do daily blogs for. I always resist the urge and reinvest back into myself as an interesting character.

    musns- Thank you, I’ll do my best to live up to your flipping out :)

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