Jul 092007

I was watching ‘Young Frankenstein’ for the 100th time this month on AMC. There was a scene where the monster is tied down to a table with big metal straps. There were four or five metal bands and I got this little thrill as they strapped the monster in.

“I want that table for dungeon play,” I said out loud.

“What kind of play would you do on it?” Beth asked. It was a good point. The metal cocooned the monster, pulling the legs and arms together. You could reach naughty bits but the compact nature of the limb placement meant you couldn’t really get too invasive.

“Science play,” I said.

I’m sure I would think of something.

  5 Responses to “Monday Daydream”

  1. Uh-oh. Are you in danger of becoming your character? Are you going to require us to start calling you Dr.?



  2. Make sure you get a white lab coat to go with it.

  3. Eve- I am in no danger of becoming my characters because for the most part I already am my characters :) Still, wouldn’t a table like that look great in a dungeon?

    Musns- I actually already have a labcoat from when I went to Frolicon. I can’t believe I haven’t posted any pictures of it.

  4. Mmmm, yes. A table with big, metal straps, and you in the white lab coat, contemplating the experiment you are about to begin.

    I do have a bit of a Dr. fantasy. ;)


  5. (makes a noise that I can’t figure out how to put into words) – where is the picture of the lab coat at????

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