Jul 262007

Work has been a bit busy lately. It’s also been a bit stressful. It’s more goal oriented now and everyday I look at the daily goals and think, “Fuck, me and what army?” And everyday I somehow get it done which is nice, but I’ve turned down dates just because I knew I wouldn’t stop worrying about whatever crisis I had to solve today.

So today’s picture is closer to what I would rather be doing: Ashley and her wonderful chest. If I could hold onto her tit the entire time I worked, I could put up with anything.

  3 Responses to “Grab a Breast, Save a Life”

  1. Men would have less stress if they had a tit to hold onto while dealing with whatever is being thrown at them, all the time.

  2. Is this why women are always so calm?

  3. Yes this is why woman are so calm. It is even more calming to me if I can casually graze them against someone “on accident.”

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