Jul 132007

Just three thrusts, that’s all I need. Give me three slow pushes into that cunt and I’ll be a happy man. I swear it. Let me feel her pussy close around me as I slide in and out, in and out, in and out and then I’ll stay out I promise. That’s all it will take me and I just know I would cum in her sweet little cunt. I just know it.

Yeah, I know last time I asked for just one thrust and yes it was perfect. It was everything I ever dreamed. It was tight, wet, hot and everything else a man wants in a cunt. It wasn’t like my wife’s cunt at all. That one thrust was like steak after years of eating Spam. It was like putting on silk after years over wearing wool. It was like fucking a woman after years of fucking a bitch. It was just too damn perfect.

How could the world do that to me? How can it honestly expect me to have one thrust and walk away? Now that I know what I am missing, I just need a little more. Then I’ll be satisfied. I swear it. Just give me three thrusts and I’ll know what its like to fuck again. Give me three clenches and I can masturbate to that for years. I can go back to my old life and be happy because just once, I had the world’s greatest cunt.

Just three thrusts this time and I’ll be good.

I promise.

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  1. Three won’t be enough.

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