Jul 302007

“Code Red! This is not a Drill!”

Deep within the Von Madd Laboratories is a special area that only a very select few ever get to see. It is a completely self contained dormitory, with it’s own food supplies, air circulation system, fitness center and power supply. Airlocks and blast doors along with a sophisticated laser system prevent any unauthorized individuals from even getting close to Sector White.

Inside White Sector lives thirty of the most beautiful women in the world. They have been selected from around the world for their beauty, their nurturing natures, and how well they look in a white nurse’s uniform. These special women are then locked away in their own germ free environment where they study the latest techniques in medical treatments.

But as pampered as these women are, there always comes a time when they must spring into action. Once the Red Alert code goes out, all thirty women slip into their tight white stockings and one size too small bras. They pour themselves into tight fitting white nurse’s uniforms before hobbling themselves onto impossibly high heels. Glasses are worn by everyone of them regardless of optical prowess. Before they leave the White Sector, the last thing they put on is a warm smile.

Otto Von Madd, erotic genuis, doctor and a complete total wimp when it came to being sick, pushed the White Sector red alert button a few more times. He was in bed with a stuffy head, a sore throat and death wish. He was running a temperature and wished the world would just end. He was convinced he had a version of the plague but what he really had was a sinus infection.

The nurses poured into his bedroom. Thirty warm smiles greeted him as he snuffled in bed. Despite the soreness of his body, his cock awoke at the sight of thirty pairs of white stockings and thirty flirting cleavages.

“I feel sick,” he told his most trusted employees.

Thirty “awwww”‘s made him feel much better.

  7 Responses to “Fiction: White Sector”

  1. Awwwwww

    Poor Otto.

  2. Poor Otto and his freaking Nurse Squad :)

  3. I wanna be a nurse.



  4. *cough, cough, hack* Feel free to send nurse applications via e-mail :)

  5. Woot! Good to know there will be opportunities for me after I graduate nursing school.

  6. LOL i love that men are always thinking with the little head even when sick, this was cute

  7. Reminds me of Hanoko Maids. :) But, very cute.

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