Jul 202007

Melissa Livens stood before her boss and waited. She had several doctorates in biology, sexuality and chemistry, but the 40-something doctor was as nervous as an intern washing her first test tube. Her hands kept moving, clasping, unclasping, folding and unfolding as she waited for her employer to finish reading her report.

“Amazing,” Otto Von Madd said. Dr. Livens felt a flush of pride. Strange how a single word could make her lips tingle.

“Thank you, Dr. Von Madd,” Melissa said. “But if it weren’t for your breakthrough in contact aphrodisiacs, I would have never been able to start.”

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Otto shook his head. “All my work did was present you with a bed; you did all the hard chemical fucking. You’ve created a lipstick that sends physical stimuli to the sex organs of both participants of a kiss. With this product, we can revolutionize kissing and safe sex with a single strawberry flavored application.”

“Actually, it’s cherry-flavored,” Melissa said. Her hands fumbled over one another. “I heard cherry was your favorite flavor.”

Otto looked up from his report. “It is. Tell me, Dr. Livens, when can a prototype be ready for testing?”

Melissa crammed her hands into her lab-coat pockets. “I’m wearing the prototype on my lips right now.”

Dr. Von Madd closed the report, and Melissa felt a surge of embarrassment. Was that too forward? It was so hard to tell when you worked for the most brilliant mind in erotic sciences. Her hands came out of the lab coat and nervously smoothed down the lines of her coat.

“Dr. Livens, I say we give it a proper testing then,” Dr. Von Madd said.

He got up from his chair and walked around to Melissa. She stood still, pinned to the ground by her own excitement. For months, she had worked on this lipstick, always keeping in mind just whom she wanted to try it out with first.

Science brings its own rewards.

Melissa clenched her fists as Otto’s arms went around her. Her hands unclenched as he tilted her chin up towards him. Before she closed her eyes, she saw him lick his lips, as eager to taste her as she was for him.

Their lips met. Cherry-flavored chemicals reacted to the pressure of another pair of lips and released supra-endorphins into her bloodstream. Radiation-altered aphrodisiacs flowed back into Otto’s mouth, triggering an erection that would make Viagra producers weep with envy. Sexual tension blossomed from the kiss, but the lipstick turned the kiss into sexual gratification.

When Otto’s tongue met hers, Melissa felt it on her clitoris. As his teeth grazed her tongue, Melissa gasped from the sensation of being entered. While their lips pressed and their teeth nibbled, Melissa felt the regular, fulfilling rhythm of being fucked. Her mouth had become a sexual organ, completely capable of receiving pleasure.

It wasn’t one-sided. She could feel Von Madd’s bulge pressing against her waist. His hand on her back was clenching her lab coat in pleasure. He moaned into her lips, setting off a delicious feedback through the lipstick that made both of their knees shake.

Their hips kept moving, but it gave them nothing but the frustration of a dry hump. It was all about the kiss. Only their lips and tongues could grip his cock and fill her cunt. In time, they stopped humping and performed the only act that could get them off — kissing as if their orgasms depended on it.

Which they did.

“This was oral sex,” Melissa thought. Sucking cock seemed so one-sided compared to feeling simultaneous shivers from a tangling of tongues. Having your cunt licked seemed like a waste of time when you could make your lover feel the same delicious bliss with a nip of teeth. Their mouths merged into one fucking orgy of lips, tongues and teeth.

She came first. Her knees threatened to give out, but Dr. Von Madd held onto her. She wasn’t sure if it was an act of gallantry on his part or just a desire to keep her mouth where he could keep fucking her. She moaned her orgasm and became aware of where her forgotten hands had gotten to. They were entwined in Dr. Von Madd’s hair, clutching his head to her like thighs wrapped around a waist.

She came twice more before she felt Dr. Von Madd begin to shake. She worried that he might be having an adverse reaction to the lipstick, but the passion of his kissing increased until it was a marauding ravishing. His mouth took possession of hers as his orgasm approached. Melissa surrendered to his passion, giving her mouth to him completely.

He climaxed. They trembled together, still locked in a kiss neither of them was willing to break. His stuttering moan vibrated on her lips. Gently, Melissa sucked on his tongue as if she were trying to taste the semen that was splashed on the inside of Dr. Von Madd’s boxers.

They broke the kiss, and both of them whimpered. They stood there, leaning on each other for support. Melissa was dimly aware of how wet her underwear was; that made her wander what the inside of Dr. Von Madd’s underwear must look like.

He kissed her again. This time, there was no chemical reaction. When their lips touched, there was only the brush of lips on lips.

He kissed her again.

“Doctor,” she said. “The lipstick must have faded. We’re not getting any more sexual stimulation.”

“That’s OK, Dr. Livens,” Otto said. “I just like kissing you.”

Her hands began to fret again.

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  1. “That’s okay, I just like kissing you.” …smiles

  2. interesting idea, that could be dangerous for people who are already kiss sluts but it might be interesting to see what umm arises

  3. red velvet- Man, I would be a kissing-maniac.

  4. *swoon*
    Now that really is oral sex~~
    Brings an entire whole new meaning to making out.

    You shall expect an order form to arrive on your writing desk within a few days, so you can pass onto the doctor for me. The flavours being vanilla, chocolate and orange. ;)

    Now pardon me whilst I go read again, lol.
    Brilliant story and idea, loved it. ^^


  5. Good freaking lord that was hot. And if that was real … well, that might just encourage me to wear lipstick!

    xx Dee

  6. Oh, very lovely. I also want some. Gimmie, gimmie! :D

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