Jul 172007

There is a spot, just under the waist, closer to the hip than the crotch but still safely in underwear territory that fascinates me right now. It doesn’t matter if it is fingers, a leg or a mouth, my mind forgets everything else that is happening and I pay attention to there.

Will the person move away from that spot, leaving me with a terrible feeling of lost opportunities but heightened arousal?

Will the person stay on that spot, making me so hyper aware of where their hair, breasts or other parts are touching me?

Or will they move down and to the right, taking hold of my cock which is already pulsing with anticipation?

When that certain spot is touched, any of those three possibilities are delicious.

  3 Responses to “Erogenous Cartography”

  1. Is it that place where the stomach area ends and you hit the beginning of the typically covered area starts?
    Couple inches below the belly button?

  2. Musns- A little bit more to the right or left, and you have it perfect :)

  3. nice sensitive spot

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