Jun 042007

Spanking a pretty round butt is great for curing work related stress.

Reading a book while laying in bed with a pretty girl has been proven to smooth wrinkles.

Pinning a lovely woman against the wall and groping her helps prevents cancer.

Exchanging dirty text messages with a nasty talking slut will stop global warming.

Staying up way too late on a Sunday night talking to a sexy geek will make your ass tired, but it might also save your LIFE.

  4 Responses to “Quick Prescriptions”

  1. Heh, I don’t know if those are true, but I’m willing to spend hours to find out.

    Hours, I say.

    Because I’m a scientist.


  2. I expect a full report of your findings :)

  3. *clicks their heels together and salutes*

    “Yes, sir!”

  4. love these prescriptions…and i think i am in need of a spanking….lol.

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