Jun 012007

Pirate Week draws to an end with a very pretty end provided by my wife. I hope we all learned something from this week of piracy. I hope you learned to make your own luck. I hope you can help a cabin boy fuck his first whore. I hope you found your way to the Cleavage Islands. Most of all, I hope you had some silly fun.

  6 Responses to “Pirate Week: The End”

  1. I did, actually. :) And thank you for a lovely themed week.

    If you ever read my novel, you’ll see I did help the cabin boy. And the stowaway. :P Technically, most of the crew after that, but less important. The cabin boy got some.

  2. t’sade- I think your novel needs to go into my Read-Next pile :)

  3. Well, it isn’t entirely pirate themed, just one chapter actually. Mostly it is sex and fantasy, but I’m damn proud of it. Now, the hard part is actually finding it in stock somewhere. My original publisher (Unbound Books) went out of business a few years back and didn’t tell me. It just got bought out by the new owner who is currently reviewing The Mummy’s Girl (yep, I have a randy mummy) to see if they want it.

    On the other hand, due to a screwup at Amazon, my brother accidentally got 30 copies of the book which he gave to me. So, if you want a signed copy, I sell them for $10 apiece.

    I’m giving the new UB a few more months before I saw “fuck it” and self-publish that and my other novel. Neither is going to be accepted by most places, apparently high fantasy BDSM is a hard sell. Even if it is only the first nine chapters or so that are heavy on the BDSM stuff.

    Imagine that.

  4. **lame “booty shorts” joke goes here**

    Big fan of the blog. Your stories don’t read as the pretentious claptrap that most SM-themed erotic fiction authors spew out, which is a definite breath of fresh air.

  5. This week rocked!

  6. Aye, you be a fine captain to navigate though some fun waters. :)

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