Jun 192007

Johnette Napolitano’s new album, Scarred, seduces your ears, fucks your brain and then leaves shattered fragments of your soul lying around like discarded underwear. Listening to this CD was like making love to an old girlfriend and realizing that not only was it as good as you remembered, it was better.

Concrete Blonde was a band that tried to tell me about the hazards of love but I was too young to appreciate the wisdom of what they were telling me. I was too much in love with the music and the raw intensity of Johnette’s voice. It wasn’t till years later that I understand why people will always love a Joey, how special it is to be true, how much disappointment there is to still be in Hollywood and how easy the promises we make are as easy to break as the plastic people on the wedding cake.

Thank you Johnette for making more beautiful music.

  4 Responses to “Important Non Sequitur Announcement”

  1. She has such a lovely voice. It’s unique and husky and just wow.

  2. Musns- All I can say is ditto :)

  3. New Johnette album?

    *dances jig, makes plan to purchase forthwith*

    “And if I had the choice,
    I’d take the voice I got,
    cause it was hard to find.

    I’ve traveled much to far to wind up right back where I started.”

    -Concrete Blonde

  4. Anonymous- I was in a funk over my writing recently and I heard that line again. It just made everything so much better.

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