Jun 212007

My job has unexpectedly called me Far Away From Keyboard for quite a few days. As I do not expect to be able to write porn while traveling, consider this blog on hiatus till July 2nd. I suspect I will have e-mail but odds are I will not be having any meaningful correspondence while working hard on the things I work on.

Don’t consider this a sabbatical or a break. Consider this post as a warning. I will come back horny, eager to write and ready to burst with porn. I will be like a pirate lost on at sea for three years who gets picked up by a floating brothel. There’s no telling what Otto will have cooked up in that time, so just be ready.

Be good to each other.

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  1. You will be missed …. safe travels!

  2. Be safe and hurry back!

  3. First time I come over here in a while, and you’re gone!

    You’d damn well better come back horny . . . TinH needs a lot of attention!

  4. I tagged you – despite your absence.

  5. Hope you come back soon. Until then…

    Quick Prescriptions 1

    Cherie struggled with her report, her cheek pressed against the hermetically sealed glass wall of the laboratory. Hands ran along her flanks, tugging up on her lap coat. She levered her hips slightly to let the fabric slide up, then gasped as she felt strong, sure fingers probing against the delicate lace underwear underneath.

    “No word,” she gasped as the fingers worked their way down the crack of her ass. Smooth fingertips, cut within one millimeter of the required amount, find the line of her pussy and traced the swollen lips, “No word of Doctor Otto, Doctor Transl.”

    Dark purple lips pressed against her right ear, the words tickling her lobe as she felt the doctor’s breasts grinding up against hers. Her body felt tight as it squeezed up against the glass, presenting her half-naked body to the other lab assistants who watched with various states of interest.

    “Good, that crackpot probably got himself blow up by one of his insane plans.”

    Cherie didn’t have the heart to argue as she obligingly parted her legs to give the doctor better access between her legs. With brisk efficiency, she felt the smooth tips work their way to her clitoris, rocking back and forth as she struggled slightly against the doctor that pinned her.

    “Rumor,” she had to gasp as two fingers drove up inside her, her slick juices coating the good, but slightly insane, doctor’s digits, “has it that he is working on something huge.”

    A scornful chuckle, then the fingers slipped way, leaving Cherie feeling slightly empty and just on the edge of pleasure. The breasts and thigh that pinned her to the wall stepped back as the doctor snatched up one of her many measuring devices. Cherie let out a long sigh of frustrating, then brushed the blond hair out of her face to look at the dark-haired doctor. Large circular lenses framed the doctor’s face and gave her the impression of some obscene mixture of librarian and mad scientist. The unbuttoned lab coat showed a generous amount of cleavage and naked thigh. Except for a belt around her naked thigh, anyone who didn’t know the doctor would say she was just posing.

    Doctor Transl poked herself in the belly with her measuring device.

    “Still none, good.” Grabbing her notebook, she scribbled while whispering, “Day 388, pinning Cherie today… against three centimeter plate glass walls… appears to be effective against cancer. Will continue…”

    Cherie felt a blush on her cheeks as she pulled her lab coat back over her body, hiding the white lace bra and thong that was mandatory wear in the laboratory of Doctor Tammy Transl. The doctor looked up and shook her head.

    “No, please don’t leave. I have one more experiment.”

    She pointed to a large contraption. Cherie looked at it for a moment, her thighs pressing together as she stared down at the two leather cuffs at the bottom. Two cuffs that, seconds after she pressed her ankles into them, would snap shut and gently pry her legs apart. She shivered in anticipation and trepidation at the mysterious plans. She worried her lip but the true scientist inside pushed her forward, forcing her to step into it. She let out a soft moan as her legs were spread apart, her arms plucked from her side and spread just as far apart, exposing her to the attentions of her own mad scientist.

    Cherie wondered what was in store, but her answer came in an off-handed comment from the Doctor.

    “That Otto, I’ll show him that I know more about psychometric manipulation devices than he could ever dream.”

    The large, dildo-shaped measuring device was also a big hint.

  6. Thanks everyone for the well wishes.

    Holy crap T’sade, that was a nice story to come back to. I was laughing and re-inspired at the same time. Thanks.

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