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Debra Moore was having a terrible time of focusing. She looked at her carefully written speech and couldn’t quite read what she had spent all summer composing. For some reason she was thinking of the first time she had let a boy kiss her breast. She could almost smell the boy’s scent: a mix of sweat and the beach. It was over twenty years ago but she could clearly remember how gentle his teeth were as they bit down on her.

“Are you cold Professor Moore?” Otto asked. “You seem to be shivering.”

Professor Moore awoke from her daydream with a startle. She had been shivering, but with pleasure not cold. The dampness between her legs was proof of that. The Professor had a strange feeling that this was going to be the strangest student advisor meeting she will ever have.

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“Just a little chilly, Otto,” Professor Moore lied. “I hope you had a relaxing summer?”

Otto Von Madd smiled and for reasons Professor Moore couldn’t understand, she felt her cunt clench with desire. The summer had been good for him she thought. He had a tan for the first time in the two years that she had known him. The student’s baby face was covered with a stylish brown goatee that suited him and made him look more adult. His body had the wiry lithe muscles of a surfer. His choice of clothes was a little odd but it worked for him. Vivid red and purple accents swirled on his shirt in an almost hypnotic pattern. The biggest change was how he carried himself. He sat a little taller and seemed more at ease than he had ever been before.

“My summer was educational,” Otto said. “Did some research and pursued a few side interests.”

Professor Moore nodded. “And I hope you spent some time deciding on a major?”

Well,” Otto said. He looked embarrassed, and for a brief moment he resembled the awkward boy genius he was when he first came to college.

“Look Otto,” she began, repeating the speech she had prepared all summer, “the Von Madd family name is a lot to live up to and you have my fullest sympathy. Your father’s work at NASA will allow us to send robot probes to Mars within the next decade. Your grandmother’s innovations in medicine have given us the artificial heart. Von Madd’s have been changing the world with their brilliance for centuries. I fully appreciate how much pressure that must be for a young man like yourself.”

Professor Moore paused in her speech. Inexplicably she had a sudden desire to be bent over her desk and fucked. She wanted a nice cock to slip inside her while she held onto the edges of the desk. It was an old fantasy of hers, but certainly not something appropriate for thinking about now.

“I am glad you understand how much pressure that is,” Otto said. “I sometimes feel that 19 is far too young for a university to demand that a person know what he wants to do with his life.”

Professor Moore pushed her glasses back up her nose. She realized she was sweating. Not know what was going on with her body, she chose to focus on Otto. Oddly that just made her wetter.

“Otto, picking a major does not mean you are locked into a career path for the rest of your life. Think of it as simply picking a focus for the next five or ten years with the option to choose another direction later. It’s past time you committed your academic gifts to a course of study that can be of benefit to society as well as yourself.”

Professor Moore waited to see what effect these words had on the young man. In the few seconds of silence, her traitorous mind thought of her own days as a college student and that wild night she had sex with two frat brothers. She could recall the way their seed tasted on her tongue just as clearly as she could still taste what she had for breakfast this morning.

“Professor Moore,” Otto said. “This summer I did decide where to use my academic gifts as you so kindly called them.”

She swallowed hard, trying to suppress the memory of semen. “You have? That’s wonderful. What did you decide?”

Otto Von Madd leaned forward in his chair. Deep blue eyes the color of denim focused on her as if Otto was the first person in the world to truly see her. His hands touched the edges of Professor Moore’s desk and a shiver went down her spine and straight to her thighs. She became vividly aware of how good he smelled.

“Professor Moore, I decided on you,” Otto said.

A moan escaped her lips.

“It started as a crush,” Otto said. “I mean, you’re an intelligent older woman who has written quite a few fascinating papers on thermodynamics. You have long black hair that still shines like a summer night sky. You have glasses, not contacts, because you know glasses are a sign of intellect. Your southern accent is something I could listen to all day. And although I have never seen them personally, I just know your breasts are beautiful because they strain against every blouse you ever wear.”

“Otto, this is highly inappropriate . . .” Professor Moore said before her brain failed her. She had a sudden desire to bare her breasts so that he could appreciate them in all their glory.

He smiled and stood up. Otto walked around her desk very slowly and to Professor Moore’s wet pussy, he seemed to walk entirely too slow. He stood next to her. All he did was stand there and it was all she could do not to rip his pants open.

“But,” Otto continued, “I knew you would never seek a relationship with me. Your ethical standards are too high. My own attractiveness did not appeal to you. I used to write a lot of sad poetry about the subject but this summer, something happened. I decided to have you. I decided that if I was so smart, why couldn’t I figure out a way to fuck you?”

Professor Moore unfastened a button on her blouse. She opened another button and another and another till her white bra was exposed to him. Her fingers had bared her chest to him before her mind had a chance to question what she was doing. Instead of covering back up, she regretted not wearing a sexier bra today.

“What did you do?” she asked.

“Research,” Otto said. “I gathered data. I traced your career and conducted interviews. I talked to the men who were your first lovers. I visited the places where you most likely to develop your sexual identity. I studied the time period you grew up in and made calculated guesses as to what most influenced your libido.”

“All you did was research?” Professor Moore asked. She moaned as he placed a hand on her bra covered breast. His fingers pinched against her nipple.

“Oh no,” Otto said. “Then I applied it. I grew the right kind of facial hair most likely to make you see me as an adult. I worked out till I had the same physical attributes as your first lovers. I designed cologne specifically tailored for your olfactory libido memory. This shirt contains several subliminal images that remind your subconscious of sex symbols of your adolescence. Right now, everything about me is making your body think about sex.”

She reached for his pants. Her fingers unfastened his button but froze on the zipper. The bulge in his pants throbbed and Professor Moore felt a powerful need to see his cock.

“Are you controlling me?” she asked.

Otto shook his head. “I invented several ways incidentally, but no, I am not. I merely figured out how to best stimulate your mental and physical sexual triggers. Right now you are in a heightened state of arousal. What you choose to do about it is up to you. All I did was make myself attractive to you using the scientific method and some advances in psycho-erogenous techniques.”

“When you think about it, Professor Moore, I mean Debra, what I did was make you my major. I applied my intelligence to the subject of fucking you. Aren’t you curious to see if my research works?”

She ripped his pants open. His cock was waiting for her, tucked inside loose boxers like she preferred. Professor Moore took his cock into her mouth and she felt a deep satisfaction wash over her. This was what her body was aching for. It was wrong to be sucking a student but that only made her more excited. In the back of her mind, she wondered if this too had been calculated.

Professor Moore sucked cock with a passion she hadn’t felt in years. She could taste the youth on him. His cock throbbed in her mouth and she savored every pulse. The way Otto groaned made Professor Moore feel like the sexiest woman alive. No one appreciates a cock sucking like a young man with a crush, and Professor Moore forgot just how intoxicating that kind of adoration could be.

She moaned when Otto pulled out of her mouth. She reached for his cock but he pushed her back. Before she could complain, he dropped down and pulled her breasts out from her bra. Electricity shot through her as his mouth sealed over her nipple.

“He knows,” Professor Moore thought to herself in a blissful haze. He did everything right. He flicked his tongue and then slowly bit down. He pulled his teeth over her nipple, grazing her with the sharpness of his teeth before soothing her nipple with long licks of his tongue. She could almost hear the beach as Otto sucked and bit her nipples the exact same way that beautiful boy on the beach had done years ago. Professor Moore moaned and whimpered as her breasts were worshipped in that way she learned to crave.

“Stand up,” Otto said. She didn’t quite hear him at first because he still had a nipple in his mouth. On shaky legs she rose up, and then squealed with delight as he bent her over her own desk. He pulled her slacks down quickly and her panties down slowly. She waited as she heard the sound of a condom being slid over his cock.

Smart people always use protection.

Professor Moore was penetrated on her desk from behind. It was the greatest of guilty pleasures. It was something she had wanted to do but never had. Somehow Otto had figured it out and was now helping her fulfill her own greatest unspoken fantasy. As he pounded into her, she wondered how his research had revealed this side of her. Part of her hoped it had nothing to do research at all; that it was just a desire on Otto’s part to fuck her on her desk.

The desk shook from their fucking. Professor Moore stopped thinking about research, majors, students, colleges and anything else that didn’t have to do with the wonderful feeling of a cock sliding into her. In her mind she ceased being a professor and she became simply Debra again. Thirty minutes later she was nothing but a woman being fucked. Her hands gripped the edges of her desk while Otto slammed into her with the enthusiasm and vigor that only a 19 year old had. It wasn’t fancy sex but it was the sex she wanted and that was all that really mattered. Well, that and the long chain of wonderful orgasms.

When Otto came, his hands gripped her hips like he never wanted to let her go. She purred as he ground against her, trying to empty every drop of himself inside his condom. He settled his weight against her as he relaxed on her back. His cock was still inside her as his body covered her like a blanket.

“That was amazing,” Debra said.

Otto bit her shoulder in that special place that made her shudder.

“You know,” Otto said. “I think I really do know what I want my major to be.”

Some remaining shred of Debra’s professionalism rose to the surface. “You mean a real major, and not just fucking me?”

Otto bit her shoulder in that special place that made her hips grind. “Well, fucking you is something I intend to keep doing but this was in part a demonstration for what I want my major to be.”

“You want to fuck other teachers?” Debra asked.

“No, I was thinking of majoring in Erotic Science,” Otto said. “I had to invent most of the techniques I used on you. It seems to be that the science of sex is very lacking and could use some serious attention.”

“There is no such thing as a degree in Erotic Science,” Professor Moore said. Although he was still inside her, her more logical mind was resuming control. She knew what she said was true, but she was already considering the possibilities and potential in Otto’s future. Her sated sweaty body was proof of that.

Otto didn’t seem discouraged. His cock began to harden within her.

“I guess I’ll just have to keep fucking the right teachers till they make one.”

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  1. YUM! What a wonderful treat to start my day out to.

  2. Woah! Very nice and a lovely story to start with. Otto is definately a neat character and I like how you built up everything. That and the sex was hot too.

    … gonna take a walk. :)

  3. t’sade- Thank you. Compliments like that make all the frustrations involved in his creation worthwhile :)

  4. Smart is definitely sexy.

  5. i hope my students weren’t thinking about this when we covered sex in class, well one COULD have thought it but that’s about it lol, nice job

  6. sarengetty- I think so too.

    Redvelvet- Thank you :) When it comes to horny students, it’s safe to assume they were all thinking it.

  7. “I applied my intelligence to the subject of fucking you. Aren’t you curious to see if my research works?”

    that has to be one of ‘the’ sexiest lines i’ve heard, wooooooow~ xD
    Like an addict for her fix, can’t get enough of the magic you weave in your words, everytime I read a tale from you.
    This is definitely one of my favs. (wonder if it’s cause it applies to the geekette in me) :P

    Eitherway, I loved it.
    (and it was pretty damn hot) :P

    Well done ^^

  8. Mystique- I can easily get addicted to your compliments. I am glad you liked that line, that took me forever to get just right.

  9. This is one of my favorite fantasies. :)

  10. That was delicious – Otto is someone I want to meet!

    Smart people always use protection. That line clinched it for me – I love your writing :)

    xx Dee

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