Jun 152007

Katie Delman bent over the bench. Metal restraints snaked around her ankles and wrists, constricting till she was secured to the punishment bench. Pneumatic hinges hissed as her bare ass was lifted higher than the rest of her body. A gloved hand griped her long brown hair and lifted her head up. She could see the crowd of assembled coworkers in their white lab coats.

“Say it!” demanded her boss.

“I am a dirty M.I.T. graduate slut who should have finished my final paperwork for the new Robot Cock project!”

A swish of air was her only warning as the cane came down on her ass. Aerodynamically designed to build inertia during a swing, the Nue-Rattan Cane, version 1.4, struck her round ass like a bee sting. A line of pain instantly formed across both buttocks and thanks to new improvements in the 1.4 model, that line was guaranteed to not fade for at least forty-eight hours.

Katie shrieked from the pain, but then moaned from the sensation she was feeling between her thighs. She was wet. She couldn’t beleive it. She was being turned on by public humiliation and direct painful stimulus to her ass? Katie Delman would have never had guessed that this sort of thing would appeal to her, but then, she hadn’t read the results of the very comprehensive Von Madd Employee Interview Form she had filled out.

“Say it!” said Otto Von Madd, her boss and owner of the Erotic Sciences research laboratory.

“I am a dirty M.I.T. graduate slut who should have finished my final paperwork for the new Robot Cock project!”

The cane came down again. Pain was followed by arousal and then shame which generated more arousal. Katie moaned while her coworkers looked on.

Katie knew this was going to be the best reprimand ever.

  12 Responses to “Fiction: Laboratory Discipline”

  1. I love Otto. I mean, seriously. This man seems to have everything well in hand. Plus… I wouldn’t mind be one of his assistants. Sex and mad science, what better combination is that?

  2. I love the scientific aspect of all this. His seduction of the teacher, now teaching his student a lesson. It’s so calculated.

    So hot!


  3. t’sade- I was worried that people would get tired of Otto but I am having too much fun. I feel like I am marrying my current interests with all the wild crazy wishes I had about science when I was a kid.

    eve- Thank you. I think there is something flattering about premeditation, don’t you?

  4. I’m falling in love with Otto (grin)

  5. I always imagine Otto as someone from Girl Genius, which is free to view and done by one of my favorite playful sex artists, Phil Foglio (who also did XXXenophile and What’s New with Phil and Dixie).

    And I say go with Otto until you think he needs a break. I really like him.

  6. t’sade- You know, with Dragoncon coming up, I should see which of the visiting artists can do a commission.

    Girl Genius was certainly in my brain when I was thinking of Otto. I can’t wait for Phil to get back to writing more erotica.

  7. Okay – I’m a noob, what’s dragoncon? Like a gencon but with dragons?

  8. http://www.dragoncon.org/

    Basically an arts convention instead of a gaming convention. Well, GenCon is mostly gaming. I happen to enjoy it. :) Never been to DragonCon myself. Just ICON (Iowa City area) and GenCon.

  9. Bah, what I mean to say is that it appears to be less gaming oriented than GenCon. I spek gud. Must be Friday.

  10. t’sade- Sadly, Dragoncon is more of a D-lister TV and Movie star convention, but that just means no line to talk to people who work in the comic industry.

    I speak crap according to my friends :)

  11. Ah, learn something new every day. :) I haven’t been to many conventions, GenCon for the last few years, ICON while I lived in IC. Some of my friends do the furry conventions while others doing the gaming or sci-fi conventions. I’ve considered looking at Midwest adult stuff, maybe to sell my novel (no clue how they work), but for the most part, the only other convention that appealed to me is ACEN (Anime Chicago), but that weekend is my anniversary and I spend those three days doing things that used to be illegal in this state. :)

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