May 072007

Women are not the only ones who dream of being rescued by a dashing dramatic figure. There were many a time growing up that I wished, prayed and begged for a beautiful woman to sweep in and give me all the love and happiness that I could handle. Granted, I wanted to be the heroic one and do all the dramatic stuff but if I am honest with myself, I have to admit that I have spent a few years waiting for a special someone to find me and be that important part that makes me happy.

Just like little girls have to learn that Prince Charming can’t fix all their problems, I think boys sometimes have to realize that Cinderella is not going to pop into their life unexpected at a grand ball; and even if she does, she’s not going to make everything else in your life perfect. Life is what you make of it, and sometimes the bastards that are writing our stories think we need to wait a few more chapters or years before they drop in the plot devolpment of your dreams.

I say fuck the writer. In the story of your life you need to take over editing duties. You need to make yourself happy. Part of that is to stop looking for happiness from others, but a bigger part is to realize that you can save yourself from the troubles of life. Be your own Prince Charming. Be your own White Knight. Get yourself out of the mess you are in. You deserve to be rescued and you know, I think you’re up for the job.

With that in mind, I’m off to the pool today. I’m inviting a lovely woman to join me, but she’s not coming over to rescue me from a week of stress. That’s my responsibility and its something I am becoming quite good at.

  6 Responses to “Save Yourself”

  1. “I say fuck the writer. In the story of your life you need to take over editing duties. You need to make yourself happy.”

    Yes! Why do I keep forgetting this??

    But not today. Today, I am making myself happy with a personal day off from work and some time spent on the water.

    But I just can’t get past those words… ” … fuck the writer.” That would make me happy, too!

  2. But, I wanna be the villain!

    In other side of things, I started being my own pirate queen in a shining g-string years ago, mainly because it was easier than waiting for my own pirate queen.

    Plus, it followed with “just do it” that seems so appropriate.

  3. Damn straight!
    Especially if we’re blessed with even having the free will to write our tales as best as we can, why wait for another character to maybe ‘sort’ things out.
    The best adventurers are the ones that have the courage to try their best no matter how perilous the journey becomes :)

    Thanks for the inspiring post though ^^


  4. Thought your post (yes I know it was yesterday) came at a highly appropriate time for me. In a depressive funk and was feeling sorry for myself.

    Anyways – it helped me, my view point had strayed from the norm. We are the editors and the ones who make our lives what they are. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. Sarengetty- Always fuck the writer :)

    t’sade- You’re too cool to be a villain. You have to settle for anti-hero status :) Pirate Queen in a G-string is an awesome image.

    Mystique- :)

    Musns- As a lifelong depression sufferer, I think we can always use reminders to help shake our point of views. Go forth and rescue yourself :)

  6. “Pirate Queen in a G-string”

    I love that line! And, it gave me an idea for another story. Damn you. :)

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