May 232007

“Hey Shon, why the Hell do you have a tiny little paddle with lovely Princesses on it? Plus, it’s really small and all plastic, so it will sting like a motherfuck. Not to mention on the other side it’s PINK!”

Good question. The simple anwser is that I save this paddle for when subs/bottoms are acting like spoiled princesses. It is small and stingy which makes it the perfect anwser for a whiney uppity voice.

Plus I think Jasmine is really hot.

  6 Responses to “Princess Paddle”

  1. I like Belle myself, but then again, I have the hots for the Beast. :P

  2. I really liked Belle when she debuted. She read books which warmed my nerd heart.

    Jasmine had a pet tiger. How hot was that?

  3. Hey, are you calling me a spoiled princess?

    Sometimes Spanking Friend Sarah

  4. Good, I’ll call Princess Aurora then.

  5. S.S.F.S – Hey, if the paddle smacks . . .

    Psyche- You know, there is a resemblance.

  6. Pirates AND princesses. How deliciously fun!

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