May 242007

Oh I know. It’s Thursday. Special week long events don’t start on Thursday, that’s just crazy. Well that’s just how Pirates sail. They do crazy unexpected shit all the time. Here’s a hint; Pirate Week might not even last seven days. It might be short, it might go long. You never know with those crazy bastards.

For those of you landlubbers who were not around for last year’s Pirate Week, let me explain it to you. This is a special time when we give in to the lusty pirate inside us all. We tell authority to walk the plank, we relish the freedom that comes from bad English and we celebrate the inherent sexiness of a class of scoundrel that has captured the imaginations of people for hundreds of years. Instead of ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’, think of it more as ‘Fuck Like a Pirate Till You Get Tired’. Trust me, it’s more fun.

In these troubled times of endless war tours, rising gas prices, global warming and everyone running your life except YOU, we need to be pirates more than ever. We need to set our own course. We need to defy society and do what really makes us happy. We need to dress in ill-matching but fancy clothes. We need to tell a lovely wench or a pretty lad just exactly what we would like to do with them. Life doesn’t always make us happy, and sometimes it takes thinking like a lawbreaking, morality free spawn of a bitch to get the courage to do the things that make us happy.

Pictured is Beth wearing a very lovely pirate outfit you can’t quite see. You are however getting a closeup of Beth’s mouth and her awesome biting skills. Like any good pirate, Beth knows when and how to bite down on something. She also has a well packed treasure chest. Just look at that smile. She was giggling as she pulled something sharp from her tits. That was one happy pirate. She knows what she wants and I have no doubt that she will one day get it.

What do you want to get?

  6 Responses to “Pirate Week 2007 Begins!”

  1. “…we relish the freedom that comes from bad English…”

    That just sums it up for me. If you can speak or write poorly, you have license to do many things you might not otherwise do.

    Bad habits are hard to break, though.



  2. Eve- Thatz soo verily truz dat is

  3. Lovely image, me hearty! Arrgh!

  4. …this is great…

    I will take advantage of Pirate week to get rip-roaring drunk (shhhh don’t tell Shon, at a Star Wars party) with honeybuns on the sides of my heads.

  5. Bunny- Thanks :)

    Musns- You know, Han was pretty much a space pirate.

  6. Nah – the ultimate space pirate was Mal Reynolds!

    I dyed my hair black for it lol. I’m in shock –

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