May 292007

Arrggg, my holiday weekend was exhausting. Went to the pool twice, took loads of pictures, ate with friends and had many many scandalous kisses. Mmm, kisses. I wish I could fill a chest with kisses and hoard them for those lonely no-kiss days.

The picture is of Sara, a naughty pirate in her own right. She had a long weekend too. Luckily she was able to stop off at the Booty Lounge and have a refreshing mug before she fell asleep in her chair. I let her wear my hat because well, just look at those tits. They spill from her corset like gold from a loaded Spanish Galleon.

  7 Responses to “Exhausted Pirate Nap”

  1. Now, she is worthy of boarding. Sounds like an absolutely fun weekend.

  2. T’sade- Board Worthy Sara is her Pirate name :)

  3. All that photo needs is a little Virtual Painter to look like an old Master. It’s very painterly. And, yes, her tits are outstanding.

  4. OUTstanding they are!

    I’ve decided to attempt my hand at making corsets, for all lasses should own at least one good one.

  5. Tess- Ohh, good idea. Thanks, it was what I was shooting for.

    Musns- Every Lass should have a corset because breathing is so over rated :)

  6. But sewing corsets is overrated. Specially the stays. I really, really hate the stays. But, when it gets on a cute little thing… yummy.

  7. I’m rather sad, my favorite corset maker has decided to move on to other things, luckily I was able to get purchase four first…

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