May 012007

BDSM is so misunderstood sometimes. Some treat it like it is one will conquering the other. Others treat it like an extended negotiation that resembles a Hollywood battle for DVD profits. Some argue that submission is a gift while there are days that even I think that it is the domination that is the gift. Romantic, dramatic and practical ideals tangle over one another obscuring what really lies at the core of every BDSM relationship- the fact that it is a relationship.

No amount of chains, leather, contracts or duty can bind two people more than mutual affection. At least that’s been my experience.

The picture is of my hand and the lovely little hands of Beth. Neither of us are in a BDSM relationship, which makes for a lot of introspection.

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  1. it looks like loving hands – which is a good portrayl of most BDSM relationships.

  2. musns- Thanks, that’s exactly what I was going for.

  3. I agree, it looks like a really tender little scene. Of those comfortable days when you look over the table. You can come up with a whole story of how it came to be, ignoring reality of course.

    Damn it, another story to add to the stack. :)

  4. t’sade- Oh man, that would be the next step wouldn’t it? Writing stories for the pictures.

  5. I’m confused, isn’t AD&D one will conquering another? Kind of like a Hollywood battle over DVD rights? I’ve always heard that is more like a gift… although I don’t know the first thing about it, I do know that I love it when chicks touch me, so we have that in common.

  6. i think long-term bdsm relationships do require the actual relationship to be a component if it’s going to work. the problem is a lot of participants aren’t really looking for the long-term, they like the scene or the play party and if they keep a partner a few years that’s great. if not there could be someone else around to replace them. people have to be suited for one another beyond the fact that one is a spankee and the other is a spanker or they are each both lol. i think we need a bdsm eharmony type site, well a little less ummm rigid lol.

  7. Art- AD&D is about experience points and magic weapons that have a +5 rating. And chicks touching you is always nice.

    Redvelvet- a BDSM eharmony would rock . Make it so :)

  8. Here, I thought AD&D (and all the other games I play) was about being with friends and letting your fantasies out in a way that you can enjoy. In my group, my very straight and monogamous friend is everything but, another is a slut but happily married in real life. A third like to set up people on the line in the story. Hell, my mate got into MMF fantasies during a Shadowrun campaign and the tow-truck driver (she was a rigger). Then again, I run raunchy games. :)

    As for the story, on the bike ride into work today, I finished the basic draft in my head (Picky Buyers). Now, just to sit down and write it. :)

  9. t’sade- Yay on getting the story in your head :)

    All rpg games for me were just dry runs for writing. Even as a player I often embellished the story more than the DM had created. I was writing from the bottom I guess.

    Hanging out with friends? There is loot to be had!

  10. Playing in games is sometimes hard on me. I love creating a story, as my players say, I run novels not game sessions. They have built-up, interesting characters, and a plot that weaves together. On the other hand, I break storytellers because I try to get the same. I want to know the color of her skin, what turns on characters, and my idea of tying up prisoners frequently gets me in as much trouble as the fight.

    Though, I have been told in absolutely certain terms, I am never allowed to play an evil campaign again. Can’t imagine why. I mean, one dom tentacle monster and the rest run away screaming. Though, I do have a first draft of a novel about a horny little necromancer and the demon who loved her. :) All 500+ pages of a draft.

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