May 102007

Can’t write today. Pissed off about little things and I can’t find my focus. I want to forget my woes and sing angry metal lyrics. I want to shock my parents and sneer at authority. I want to rob a bank with heavy metal.

Maybe I’m just hungry. I’ve got an appetite for love tonight. I want to act out and bang a girl who’s hair is bigger than my blue jean jacket. I want to thrust into a girl during a guitar solo.

With great Metal comes great slow ballads. You can only break so many laws and taste so many sweet things before the heart just gives out and you want to slow sway to a meaningful song played by leather men with spiky guitars.

Rock on today.

  2 Responses to “Anger In My Heart”

  1. When I’m angry I find myself listening to heavy metal – not death metal but heavy metal. Rammstein, KMFDM, Metallica, even AC/DC. Why is it that music like that makes us feel better? Or is it that it expresses what we are feeling better than we can express it ourselves?

    Maybe that’s just music in general.

    /pats Shon comfortingly

  2. Musns- it’s the burst of adrenaline. I rediscovered the metal of my youth and I am amazed by how it feels like a shot of 16 year old anger. It also feels nice.

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