May 042007

Promise me a hundred strokes every day. No matter what happens, no matter whom we meet or what befalls us, promise me a hundred strokes every day or night.

A hundred kisses.
A hundred tugs of your hand.
A hundred licks of your tongue.
A hundred embraces of your cunt.
A hundred clenches of your ass around my cock.

Just promise me a hundred every day to prove that you want me.

And every day I’ll give you what you need.

A hundred bites.
A hundred pinches.
A hundred dirty words.
A hundred slaps of my hand.
A hundred thrusts of my cock.

I’ll give you a hundred reminders that you are mine.

  7 Responses to “A Hundred Promises”

  1. Lovely. Now, is there a chance I could post this on my forum? With link and attribute, of course.

  2. t’sade- Certainly. consider yourself having blanket permission to post with link and attribute :)

  3. I love this. Your writing has such truth in it.

  4. This is beautiful.

  5. sarengetty- Thank you, amazing what truth can come out of a long night.

    wordslut- Thank you too.

    musns- Thank you as well :)

  6. Oh wow… that’s beautiful, Shon.

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