Apr 142007

When my anxiety stopped me from writing, I sought out other creative outlets. One of them was playing online text based games where you create a character and role-play them with other people. I being the kinky sort gravitated to sex oriented games. I was invited by my kinky friends to come to The Marketplace, a game based on Laura Antoniou’s books of the same name.

I decided to create a sort of shorthand character. I wanted something that was almost a cliche so that you could describe him in one word and know his deal. I went with the idea of a Librarian who sought out books for an erotic collection. Being a writer, I couldn’t keep it simple. Every day that I sat down with Wesley, I fleshed out the library he worked for and what kind of strange man could work for them. I determined that Wesley had obsessive compulsive tendencies and that he was almost a victim of his work. His desires were heavily influenced by whatever book he was procuring as well kept a fever pitch by the erotic nature of his work. Being a BDSM oriented game, I went through several submissives and slaves who assisted Wesley in the library.

The game eventually died out and I went back to writing. There was a sense of loss though. Wesley was a weird man, but his library fascinated me. I liked the idea of a place that sought out the erotic and treasured it. When I go to used bookstores, they almost never have an erotic section and when I turn in my books, the erotic ones almost always get rejected. I started to obsess a little over what happens to erotica. Who kept it? Was it all ending up in landfills?

So I sat down and wrote “Librarians of the Colette-Ashbee Collection”. I chucked the character of Wesley, who as a neurotic man who had more in common with Adrian Monk than anyone else. I replaced him with Mr. Dillon, a far saner if just as strict character. I created Claire based on my own personal desires as well as the best qualities of the submissives I have played with. I established the idea of an apprenticeship because I want the library to last forever. Funny how even in stories a writer lays the foundation for something to survive the writer.

These stories are special to me because they combine so many of my interests. I love the formality between Mr. Dillon and Claire. I love the quest to seek out erotica. I love glasses on smart submissives. I love how so far, Claire learns to appreciate someone else’s desires and kinks. I could easily sit down and write endless scenes with these characters but I push myself when it comes to these two. I want to portray them just right.

Librarians of the Colette-Ashbee Collection

Succulent Sutra Part One

Succulent Sutra Part Two

Succulent Sutra part Three

Succulent Sutra Part Four

Succulent Sutra Part Five

Perks of the Collection

The Reluctant Actress Part One

The Reluctant Actress Part Two

The Reluctant Actress Part Three

The Quiet Ones

The Library of Ms. Ash

Character Building

Hard Lessons

Oral Tradition

No Spoilers


The Haunted Library

Preview: Who Ate Claire Currie?

Midnight Rendezvous

Aunt Jolene’s Joy Shack



Claire Currie

Yes, Claire Can

Claire bending Over

Message from Claire Currie

  6 Responses to “The Collette-Ashbee Collection”

  1. What a nice treat for a Saturday afternoon. Love the subtle gestures and the slow build of emotions.

  2. Shon, I am curious: does writing about some poor submissive’s glasses slipping down simply what happens when you write especially well, or is that what inspires you to new heights?

    Not that you don’t write well other times, but I’ve noticed this thing in particular in several nice stories now.

    I hope you keep writing.

  3. Sarengetty- Thanks. Nothing like a slow build when it works.

    closercat- I have to say it’s the later. It’s hard for me not to get completely aroused by glasses, and when they are slipping, it usually means the action happening to the rest of the body is particularly entertaining.

    Thanks :)

  4. *sniff* you urdered Wes. I might just cry.

  5. madeline- Well truth be told, I picture Wes living happily forever with his faithful slave, Holly. He is busy cutting a cookie into four equal pieces as we speak.

  6. Um… Mr. Richards ;) are you going to give us more of this history?

    Please? With sugar on top!! hahaha

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