Apr 032007

A few weeks ago a friend sent me a link to a great art project. The woman took some Peeps and placed them on her nude body. I liked the idea and decided to try some BDSM apparely variations. I made some wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and at one point, a collar. Sometimes model Sara helped me out last Saturday night. I’m lucky she is such an arts and crafts person because she dived into the task and made a few more pieces I wouldn’t have thought of. She also came up with the idea of the eye patch peep.

The trick to peep art is to cut the peep lengthwise to expose the sticky white insides. You then smash the peep onto the skin where it will bounce back to its original shape after adhering to the body. The wrists and ankles worked great and stayed on for hours. When we placed the peeps on the neck, the constant moving of the neck made it harder for the peeps to stay on. When using Peeps, I highly recommend having a bowl of water handy so you can dip your fingers quickly to remove the sugar.

I took about 277 Peeps pictures but this is the one that really popped out at us during post production. There is something surreal about aggressive passionate feet encased in pink peeps.

  11 Responses to “Peep Show”

  1. Definately a nice contrast – sweet, pink peeps….bound around sexy ankles.

  2. Musns- Thank you. I have to say that pink has started to grow on me as a color choice for BDSM. There’s just something vibrant about it.

  3. For me, the color of submission has always been yellow and black. I think it came from a friend, who is obsessed with smiley faces, had a birthday coming up. I couldn’t come up with anything at first, but then I remembered that she is also a counselor for alternative sexualities (I believe she’s getting her Ph.D. on social interactions of dom/subs right now). So, I got her the only thing I could think of.

    A smiley face ball gag.

    Since then, yellow and black, both for smiles and because it looked really good in my mate’s mouth. (Only for testing purposes, I swear.)

  4. Hey, what’s that eye patch made of? And tell Sara her toenails look very nice!

    (who prefers pink, too…)

  5. t’sade- lol, I so want a smiley face ballgag now.

    Bella- Thank you. I’ll be sure to tell her as I had to wait an hour for her to do her nails first.

  6. Please please more pics.
    Can’t you just see a sugar-deprived subby just aching to eat off those cuffs?
    Of course, some hot wax dripped over them at strategic places would also delight.

    thanks for some fresh ideas…

  7. I take the bright yellow happy face stickers and put them on my sub’s ball gag.

  8. Sadly, the one and only person I found for the smiley face ball gag didn’t do it anymore. However, I already had it paid for when they realized that the site that took orders shouldn’t have been still up. So, being generous, they did it anyways. Though, it didn’t look so hard, maybe I should look into making some myself. My father used to do leather work and I remember some of it…

  9. good to see you’re spending your time in a constructive manner… although perhaps you are onto something (as opposed to being on something, my original thought) and this will become all the rage around Easter, little peep jewelry? I dunno, sounds yummy at least.

  10. i was about to make a “There are people starving in africa…” comment but i don’t think that peeps can be classified as a food.

  11. Anonymous-1- More peep shots will be coming, maybe till the end of time. Ha, I do like the idea of a sub on a diet wearing food.

    whiterabbit- That’s a great idea. I need to reload on stickers.

    t’sade- I have found few things more rewarding than making my own sex toys. Embrace your inner project manager!

    art- Constructive porn is what I am all about. Honestly though peeps are not the most tasty thing ever.

    anonymous-2- Gods, can you imagine some poor starving tribe being given Peeps for food. The horror.

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