Apr 162007

Last night started as a dinner party and quickly went into porn. Sometimes-Model Sara has big dreams of being a foot fetish model because she believes there will be free shoes involved. She broke out the Peeps to the applause of an enthusiastic audience. The wife broke out her various fabrics and created backdrops. One happy dom reluctantly agreed to pose with Sara’s feet while another female friend who is pseudonym-less at the moment got the Peep treatment on her feet as well.

That was my Sunday night. Peeps, suggestive foot poses and pretty girls doing what I tell them to do. I have been a damn lucky man lately.

Photgraphing with so many people around was harder than I would imagine. I don’t have a foot fetish, so taking pictures of feet is not something I daydream about. I needed time to pause, analyze the situation and figure out how I would find feet sexy. Instead, I had to answer a dozen questions from every participant. I didn’t get the chance to really talk to my models and make them feel comfortable. It was like being a storm and trying to find the best drop of rain to photograph. Things happened and I had some measure of influence, but it wasn’t the level of control I am used to working with. Everyone had a great time but I look at my pictures and few of them pop out at me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot from my mistakes with the camera. I’m just a little fascinated by the creative differences between the two mediums so I’m going to be talking out loud about it for awhile.

  5 Responses to “Peep Show x 2”

  1. Free shoes?! Where do I sign up?


  2. Bella- That free shoe mania spreads fast, doesn’t it?

  3. I prefer barefoot myself – sexy colored toenails and bare feet.

    Especially after a spa pedicure – what bliss!

  4. Musns- Come on, don’t you want to finish off that spa with some crunchy sugar?

    Okay maybe not

  5. well, there are some spa treatments that involve sugar or chocolate…

    And Shon, talk all you want to about photography. :)

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