Apr 172007

This is a shot taken at Frolicon. A woman was walking down the hall talking onher cell phone. The light was awesome. Her shiny black coat was awesome. The mundanity of the hotel hallway was twice as awesome. To me this was Frolicon: kinky fantastic creatures emerging from the normal dull world.

I asked her if i could take her picture.

“Sure, after this phone call.”

“No, no,” I said. “Stay on the phone.”

She struck a pose.

“No, no. Keep walking,” I said.

This beautiful sexy woman walked down the hall like she owned it. But I could hear her telling her friend on the phone what was going on. She had a girlish delighted voice as she bragged, “I’m getting my picture taken.”

  6 Responses to “My Favorite Frolicon Picture”

  1. Cool, looks like you found your own gateway to the faerie realms! :)

  2. t’sade- lol, I feel silly for not making that connection myself.

  3. Great stuff Shon, all of it. Y’know, this and the others. Good grief man!! Do I have to spell it out for ya!?

  4. Art- Thanks. And yes, spell out any compliment :)

  5. Awesome picture. Quite the muli-talented blogger, you are.

  6. sarengetty- Thanks :) I just feel bi-talented at the moment.

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