Apr 192007

This is what happens when you get invited for dinner at my house. You might get drafted into becoming a prop or you might get drafted into wearing props. sometimes Model Sara is wearing the yellow Peeps, new friend Ashley is wearing the pink Peeps and Jason provides the lap. Man, it sucked to be him.

My lovely wife used chocolate icing to make the pirate Peeps.

I’m not terribly happy with this picture. I like the composition but once again the light is my enemy. I was fiddling with shutter speeds and apertures this photoshoot and it shows. I know I’ll get better though. In fact, It reminds me a lot about writing and how I can’t even look at some of my early work. In the meantime, this picture reminds me of the fun time I had abusing my friends as models.

  10 Responses to “Lap of Luxury”

  1. Pirate peeps – how cute!

  2. Musns- Later my wife drew little hooks on the peeps, I might upload those this weekend.

  3. Gotta love a pirate peep!

    Go wife-of-Shon.

  4. Tess- Argg, that you do. My wife tried a peg leg but she was never happy with it.

  5. pirate-peep-aphilia… and here I thought that my list of rare and interesting fetishes was complete!

  6. Mad- it’s never complete around here. What have you been up to?

    AAG- thanks :)

  7. Oh that is so cool. And man… it so sucked to be Jason.

    Those are very pretty lady feet.

  8. Interesting dinner parties you have, Shon.

  9. jaenelle- Those are pretty feet. I wish I got more full leg shots.

    Sarengetty- At my house, porn is always a moment away.

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