Apr 272007

Today most of my local friends are getting laid. Not just laid, but they are stepping off to rendezvous with significant kinky others for marathon spanking submission fuck sessions. I feel like a state wide holiday had been declared and I have to still go to work.

I think part of it is that Spring is in the air and with half of them, these are new relationships. That makes it even harder because as the Universal Good Friend, I am the one they come to with their afterglow to tell talk about their adventures. I treasure their confidences, but man, it would be so much easier to hear their stories if I had one of my own today.

Posting has been light this week due to lack of sleep and post birthday bliss. I’m sure though that after I hear a dozen stories of kinky sex I am not having that I will be more inspired for next week. I have a touching spanking story planned for next Wednesday, a look at a sex manual from 1969, and maybe a few pictures of naughty things. Who am I kidding? There will definitely be pictures.

  7 Responses to “Georgia Kink Fuck Day”

  1. I guess it’s like any National holiday, like Memorial or Labor, some people get to play and some people still have to work.



  2. good to have you back after your long time off, and I’m looking forward to both the story and the pics. Funny how words conjour up images in each of our minds – and for most of us the same words will produce different images, but images frequently produce the same words/thrills/enjoyment in our minds. Agree?

    just call me anonymous peeps cause thats when I posted first….

  3. Eve- I’m a little embarrassed to say a kinky friend came over for lunch another is coming over this afternoon for pictures. I have lost my emo cred for the day.

    Anonymous Peeps- I am finding that images are like a shortcut to the brain. I almost dismiss images for that reason, but lately I have been looking for ways to complicate my own images to create more variety in what people get out of them. It is my nature to over complicate.

  4. I’m sorry but I’m laughing at your loss of emo credibility for the day comment.

    …but I have a new paddle and it’s still new…so I’ll cry instead.

  5. Musns- don’t cry. Paddles never expire. Think of it as sweetening with age.

    And it won’t make you feel better that I have a third kinky person coming over with her rope.

    I am the worse sad blogger ever.

  6. You have a THIRD kinky friend coming over? Where was the second one – isn’t that cheating? Skipping from afternoon kink to number three?!

  7. Musns- Let’s count them, kinky friend came over for lunch and moral support. Second kinky friend came over to be tied up and posed with a water bowl and plate of bread. Third kinky friend came over to unwind and hang out while I took pictures of her hands.

    Wow, I really can’t complain about anything anymore.

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