Apr 152007

Last night I spanked a newish friend of mine at a play party. It was close to an hour of hand on ass, hand on throat, hand in hair fun. Afterwards I felt like I could wrestle a bear and win. I wanted to lead a small band of Spartans and defend a pass against thousands. I wanted to challenge a steel driving machine to a race to the death. I just felt like I was cast in the right part at the right moment for the right story.

I spent the rest of the play party content and sated as I watched other people play. I also got a three-woman back massage which quite frankly was it’s own slice of heaven. Man I had forgotten how much I miss tactile sensation. I need to pry the wife away from her computer more.

Today I’ll try to round up all those emotions and feeling and use that energy to write something.

  3 Responses to “Feeling Good”

  1. Sounds like a very satisfying event. We all need those.

  2. Lord, that sounds like a wonderful thing – wish I was on the receiving end. If only I could talk the spouse into such things!

  3. Musns- I know I did. It’s strange how tension you’re not even aware of can sneak up on you.

    chele- It is a wonderful thing. Maybe you should give the spouse another talking to :)

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