Apr 232007

Last night was one of those nights where I feel like I can never complain about my life again. My wife and friends threw a pirate birthday party for me filled with hot wenches and men with eye patches. It was funny, sexy and very Arrrggg all night long. My toybox got a serious upgrade of quality paddles and restraints while my fledging photography studio got a king’s ransom of lighting equipment. I am a little humbled to have friends who care this much for me.

I have to share my cake with you though. This first cake was something I saw years ago with my ex. I made the comment that i wish I was 12 again so that I could have a birthday cake like that. Well she remembered that offhand comment and here I am at 34 with a gorgeous pirate ship cake.

But wait, there’s more!

Ashley decided to combine my love of pirates with my love of breasts and created this masterpiece.

I think those are the famous Cleavage Islands. They were made from rice crispy treats and today I will discover just how yummy they are.

Today I am thirty-four, and I plan to dine on boobs. A pirate’s life for me.

  13 Responses to “Cakes Ahoy”

  1. Happy birthday, Shon!

  2. Happy birthday.

  3. Bella- Thanks :)

    Wordslut- It was/is :)

  4. Anyone who is willing to spend that kind of time and creativity to make a cake (like those!) for someone, truly loves them!

  5. Happy Barrrrrth-day Shon.

    Now.. down to pillagin’ the boobie cake! yar har!

  6. Yo ho ho, happy birthday.

    Looks like great fun.

    I would hae made you a pirate cake, filled with booty. Maybe next year, if it snags me an invite.

  7. That Pirate Ship Cake totally ROCKS!! Happy Birthday Shon!

  8. glad you had a good birthday

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Around here people pin a dollar bill to their shirt and as they go through the day their friends donate more and more. (do they do this in Georgia?)

    If you could pin anything to your shirt in hopes of getting more of it, what would it be? (hope this makes sense, taking pain killers!)

  10. Happy birthday, ya old fart!

  11. Musns- and that’s exactly how I felt when I saw it.

    evil_rich- Yo ho ho :)

    Tess- It doesn’t need to be my birthday for you to snag an invitation :)

    Art- Thanks, and yes it did.

    Red velvet- Thank you, it was pretty damn nice.

    chele- A collar maybe :) Nah, I’d just pin a picture of tits :)

    Mad- I am freaking ancient now lol

  12. Happy Birthday!

    Mine’s next month. :) I might be in Elizabethan garb for it.

  13. Oh the cakes are truly wonderful! Happy Birthday to you – pleasure and peace for the year ahead! Mwah.


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