Apr 102007

Right now I have a picture from Frolicon as my desktop wallpaper. For years I have written porn to my liking, but to be visually making porn that I like is a strange head trip. It makes me feel like I can mold reality. I want to write stories for the pictures I make. I want to photo illustrate my words. I want to go out into the world and cast a Ms. Currie, a Mr. Dillon and weirdly enough, I really want a picture of No-Pants Wally.

With BDSM Beach over, I feel the need for a more fantastic oriented story. Now that Cassie knows what she wants and how to get it, I want to walk away from young submissives and go spend some time with people I don’t seem to ever read about. There are 30+ year old submissives who need their stories told. There is a young man who doesn’t know he wants to be a dom. There’s a scientist who is never satisfied with sex and there is a married woman who needs to know what her friends are up to. There’s a myth I want to tell and a catharsis that needs to get out. I have stories lining up in a row and they ain’t going to write themselves.

I feel creatively potent right now. I feel like my mind is engorged and rock hard. I want to thrust my imagination into someplace willing and receptive.

Let’s see what can happen today.

  6 Responses to “Back to the Lab”

  1. I find that I am searching stories of someone I can personally relate to.

    I love your stories, the forbidden, the extrodinary and the realistic bits all combined into one. It’s one of the first places I look when I get online.

    You have peaked my interest with the concept of a man who doesn’t know he’s a dom.

    Looking forward to whatever you bring next.

    Have a great day!

  2. Well then, Shon, quit writing about writing, and write, dammit!

    “I feel like my mind is engorged and rock hard. I want to thrust my imagination into someplace willing and receptive.”

    Talk about a head-fuck.

  3. So, just because I’m a curious person (or maybe it’s because I have a little bit of a crush on a cetain writer), I decided to check out some of your earlier posts.

    Your description of visiting a dungeon for the first time in January 2005 was too damn funny. The whole high school reference, with getting your lunch stolen … oh my god- hysterical.

  4. Be sure to wear your helmet, can’t be too safe.

  5. Shon… I’ll ditto what Hammon said- just start writing!

    Get those stories out before something explodes! ;)

  6. I’ll be watching, and hoping to live vicariously through another story :)

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