Mar 202007

For Valentine’s Day, my lovely wife got me this wonderful little treasure chest for my BDSM stuff.

As you can see, it’s rather sparse inside at the moment.

Just some rope, some restraints, a mirror, a handsome devil,

Some books, lots of paddles, safety scissors, duct tape and a water bowl for bad submissives,

But at least I have this wonderful ‘What Would A Pirate Do?’ spinning wheel that Wordslut gave me. Arrggg, it’s the perfect inspiration for every time I open the chest.

So, I’ve showed you mine. Are you going to show me what’s in your toybox?

  6 Responses to “Treasure Chest of Fun”

  1. Oh! I have that book and I love it! I also like the pirate thing, that is a cute idea. Don’t know if I could take a picture of my toy chest, I’ll have to find a camera or something. Though, mine is very practical and not so pretty: a toolbox.

  2. t’sade- A toolbox sounds great. I have this idea of getting a tool belt and loading it with paddles and such. I figured I could pull the kinky handyman image off.

  3. Mine has that same paddle. :)

  4. Wordslut- What’s funny about paddles is I have back-ups. I just need to pick up Dual Weild

  5. Forgive me for being such a ignoramus, but why the mirror?

    And wow, that is one handsome devil!

  6. AAG- The mirror is because a lot of submissives have a hard time looking at themselves while they are doing anything kinky. It’s useful as both a punishment and a self esteem builder.

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