Mar 132007

Some doms like to collect submissives like other men collect power tools. I don’t believe in getting anything that is a single purpose tool. Life is complicated enough without throwing in the dynamics that multiple submissives bring to the table. With my anxiety driven life, I need simplicity. This is why I want a Harem of One.

That’s why I am looking for an innocent bitchy sweet slut. I’m looking for that librarian cowgirl nurse pirate lass. She has to be a cynical passive optimistic aggressive woman. When it comes to my ideal submissive, she needs to be better informed about BDSM than me and somehow still need my wise guiding hand.

The perfect slut wants her mouth used most of all. The perfect slut wants her ass fucked most of all. The perfect slut wants her cunt filled most of all. The perfect slut is greedy for her climax and can go weeks without one if that is my pleasure. The perfect slut is my lover, my friend and a place to put my cum.

My personal submissive needs to take an all day spanking but whimper from a single slap. She needs to sit by my feet for hours but have the stamina to move all day long fulfilling my whims. She needs to be shameless enough to crawl on all fours and fetch my shoes but elegant enough to accompany me to the museum. She needs to crave the paddle as much as she craves a gentle kiss.

As my harem, she needs to be a whore, a goddess, a naughty student, a diva, a secretary, a buddy, a flirt, a nerd, a dancer, a wise woman, an exhibitionist, a pain slut, a loyal samurai, a succubus and a saint. A hundred different roles she would fill, becoming whatever I desired and when my anxiety strikes, she switches to what I need her to be. That’s the kind of woman I am looking for.

And she has to have glasses, because glasses are just hot.

  12 Responses to “Harem of One”

  1. See and people think my glasses collection is a bit much. :)

    You have a way with words. I swear, I’m going to print this entry out the next time a poseur-Dom tells me I’m not “real” just because I don’t want to be in a harem of many!!

  2. Anon- lol, happy to be of help. Though hearing of a glasses collection drives me to distraction :)

  3. Remind me not to wear my glasses if we ever do meet.

  4. ARt- it would really help if you don’t have a D-cup either. Just saying.

  5. roflmao @ your list, wonder if that’s why He likes me so much

  6. red velvet-If that’s you, then yes, that’s exactly why he loves you so much :)

  7. You are adorable. I mean, adorable in a very nasty and scary sense. Really.

    I wear glasses, did you know that?


  8. AAG- Well duh, it’s why I keep stalking you. Didn’t you know that? :P

  9. Oh, I thought you were stalking me because of my stunningly brilliant mind.


  10. *laugh* I’m about to expand my collection to include some purple frames and some black ones (I have tortoiseshell, red, and cobalt blue ones).

    Good thing to know that others like the glasses. I thought my partner was the only one that liked the Asian librarian look. ;) Nice to know there’s others!

  11. Anon- See, now you’re just teasing me by mentioning the Asian Librarian look. Such women can not exist or else the world would explode in perpetual sexy.

  12. Hardly. :) Most days, I just put my nose to the grindstone. Nothing sexy about it. Just functional. :D I have moments though.

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