Mar 092007

Thank you for your interest in my advertisement. Please fill out the following form and return it along with a photo of you.

{Section A: General Information}




Do you have any health concerns?

Current relationship status:

{Section B: Sexual History}
Be as descriptive as possible.

Have you ever:

Given a blow job?

Given a hand job?

Masturbated for a lover?

Had intercourse?

Had anal sex?

Masturbated with a toy?

Used an anal toy?

Had sex with a woman?

Had sex with more than one person at a time?

{Section C: Personal Submission Information}

How did you first come to realize you were submissive?

List any BDSM books, blogs or stories you have read.

Describe a BDSM fantasy you have masturbated to.

If you have had any BDSM-related experience, please describe.

{Section D: Essay Questions}
Answer on a separate sheet.

What is your ideal of what a dominant is?

What do you think you offer as a submissive?

Why do you want to be chosen for this vacation?

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