Mar 192007

I have very deep feelings about this story. I was in the death throes of a bad relationship, feeling miserable and just wanting to write something to take my mind from it. Amaya became an ideal I wish I was dating instead of the fucked up relationship I was in. A curvy geeky submissive with negligent parents, Amaya was a mix of all the best qualities from the submissives I had known.

When I started ‘Cell Phone Slave’, I intended it to be the novella that I tried to get published. This was before my major anxiety attacks when I thought I could still take over the world. I poured my heart in this story because I thought it was my one big mainstream shot. Part way through, I stopped caring about that. Too much of me was in the story and I couldn’t see myself compromising on any part of it. This is the story that made me realize how little I wanted to be successful in comparison to telling the story I wanted to tell.

Towards the end of writing this story, I met one of the great loves of my life. She was a submissive like no other. Smart, strong willed, funny and oh my god sexy. I finished Amaya’s tale a bit more objectively than I probably would have if I was still missing a submissive in my life. Because of this, the ending is just the way it should be.

Then something odd happened. I knew it was a good story, but it seemed like a waste to put it on the newsgroups I was frequenting. Newsgroup readers are a fickle lot and it seemed like the more established a writer was, the less they would read him. I knew it wasn’t long enough to be published so I was stuck. I held onto it, not really sure what to do it with it.

Years later, I had full blown anxiety breakdowns. I wasn’t writing. I sure as hell was a dom to anyone. My wife was looking at me like maybe we should divorce and I felt pretty low. I had started a blog but didn’t really have a focus or regular posts. My birthday rolled around and I was feeling pretty low. I decided to post ‘Cell Phone Slave’ as a way to personally celebrate a period when I used to be so much better. It was a personal taunt, something to provoke me to get back to that level.

Man, I was not ready for readers to like it. They fucking loved it. I loved that they loved it. I got e-mails with so many questions from people. There are so many Amayas in the world and even if I can’t be their Wesley, I can let them know that they are not the odd unique freaks they think they are. Wordslut offered to edit them and with her help I fixed the fraternity chapter which always bothered me. I made a lot of blogger friends who made me feel less of a freak myself. It was invigorating. I felt like a dom and a writer again.

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  15 Responses to “Cell Phone Slave”

  1. I really loved this story, I ran across it on a news group (!) and ended up finding your blog. This put a smile on my face and a yearning in my heart (or somewhere)for sure :)

  2. the more established a writer is the less comments he gets…but people look at his stories like accountants read the wall street journal. when you quit posting on asstr i was thrown for a loop but its nice to see you posting again. i showed your stories to my girlfriend and she loved it. keep up the good work!

  3. Chele- lol, proving I still need to post to ASSM.

    Anon- I love accountants metaphor. Thanks, it was nice to be missed and I’m tickled your girlfriend liked the stories too.

  4. I just came across your blog a few days ago. When I discovered “Cell Phone Slave” I read the whole thing, one delicious post after the other until I breathlessly reached the end.

    I squirmed when Amaya squirmed, felt the anticipation, the uncertaintly, the unbelievable fulfillment just as she did. And as Amaya fell in love with Wesley, in some irrational place in my mind, I did too.

  5. sarengetty- Thank you very much. I’m glad you got swept along. Hopefully I can keep sweeping you :)

  6. It is a great story. It’s fun and sexy and challenging… and hot!

    (Who has that same pic on her cell phone!)

  7. Bella- Thanks :) It appears to be a popular ass.

  8. And I’m glad you posted it. Posting it here allowed me to connect with you in a way that I didn’t know I would be able to. You’ve been a tremendous find in my life and i’m grateful to know you…more grateful that Amaya’s story that rang so many bells from my own life brought me here :)

  9. La Rosa- I feel the same way. Funny what a little exhibitionist sex story can do :)

  10. Shon, you are a bright light. Don’t let anything stop you.
    you have done so much for me. Your writing is phenomenal, and your spirit is brilliant. Keep connecting to the universe, man. You have a gift, and a gift is to be served.

  11. Brightred- Thank you. I agree with you about having to serve the gift. As long as stories keep coming, I’ll keep writing them.

  12. This is a wonderful story. The journey she takes, that he leads her through, is both so difficult and so enlightening. And so very, very hot!

    You are an inspired writer, Shon.


  13. That was an amazing story. it kept me guessing until the very end. i honestly thought wesley was gonna end up being her ex, john.

  14. I came across this story about a year and a half ago, read it through, and loved it. I identified with so much of it, in so many ways! Now, though, my life is so different, and after re-reading your story in the past couple of days, I’ve cried so many times. It’s a good thing, though, I think. It is a wonderful story and oh my god it’s so well written! My tears only affirm something I’ve been wondering about for some time, and I think that seeing my reaction to everything in your story has helped me to get one step closer to making a major decision. Thank you…just thank you…for writing such realistic and wonderful work (and apprently for helping me to clear my thoughts). :)

  15. What a delicious story. I read this a year ago and came back for more. I absolutely love your way with words. The canvas is colored by them.

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