Feb 272007

Sometime last week I took a break from my Spring Break story. It’s three chapters away from being done and I am planning for a March release but I was starting to slow down. You spend that much time with a group of characters and they become like house guests. You love that they are around, but you start to long for the days when you didn’t have to wait in line to use the bathroom and you could masturbate in the living room. I took a small break secure that I would return to them shortly.

In that break period, I gave The Movies a try. I love simulation games, from playing Sim City to the point of obsession to crafting some really naughty families in the Sims. I still play Tropic 2 every few months because in it you run a pirate island haven, complete with brothels, shipyards and pirate mansions. Simulation games are sadly on the decline in that companies prefer to focus on war games or sports. The last game I bought before The Movies was Evil Genuis and that game sadly was not supported well. As a control freak, writer and dom, I prefer games that let me be creative first and solve game challenges second. I have created cities in the shapes of breasts, named pirate ships after my favorite erotica writers and designed much better creative pleasure mansions than what I have seen on E.

The Movies so far has been fun. You run a movie studio in the 1920’s and manage it to modern day. There is a shitload of actual movie making tools included with the game that let you design, cast, shoot and produce your own little future YouTube pieces. I haven’t gotten to those tools yet as I have been more interested in seeing if I can get my studio ready for the science fiction explosion of 1970. It’s been a nice break from the Spring Break orgies I was writing.

But today I realized I was ready to get back to writing. I was watching my studio shoot ‘Olympic Mons 2058’ in time for a summer release and I started to daydream about what a Space Opera porn story would be like. I got to thinking about how to do Space Opera without sliding into Stars Wars parody, and whether there would be an audience for it on my blog. I debated doing it as a BDSM story, or something more pulpy where I have one or two main characters get fucked a lot. In the game, one of my actors strayed off the set to get drunk and I completely missed it because I was wondering if I could write convincing alien sex.

Yep, time to get back to writing. Already I find myself amused by the freedom writing has over movie making. No costumes to buy, no spoiled actors to coddle, no sets to create or special effects to research. Erotiterrorist Studio has me, my editor and a whole lot of Word documents. Our operating budget is a hell of a lot smaller too.

Special Bonus List- The Five Simulation Games I still have on my hard drive no matter how old they get. Gods, you could probably get the first three for under 20$.

1. Tropico 2
2. Space Colony
3. Evil Genuis
4. Sim City 4
5. Sims 2

  3 Responses to “What Erotica Writers Do On Their Breaks”

  1. I might suggest a new title for this post: “What erotica-writing geeks do on their breaks.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. I know I enjoyed writing my FutureSex series and even one or two sf secret reads here and there, would love to read a space opera porn from you Shon!!

  3. The Movies was a fun little game – I tried making an erotic (that word should be in quotes, mind) short in it, but had to settle for mere cheesecake. It’s a pity there weren’t any tools to custom build animations for the actors….

    That said, one of my favourite indulgences in the game was in dealing with problem actors. When they get super egotistical, demanding bigger trailers and walking off-set, dress them in a lizard suit and sit them down at the bar. KEEP them that way until they’re ready to retire, as an example to the rest of the actors. My Hollywood is a cruel and unusual place…

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