Feb 152007

As far as romantic comedies go, ‘Music and Lyrics’ was one of the more pleasant ones I have watched. Hugh Grant is pretty much Hugh Grant and that’s cool. The best part about the movie is the music as it skewers the 80’s British Pop scene as well as poking a lot of fun at today’s teen divas.

I have a guest post up on Hammon Wry’s Word of the Day. If you haven’t seen it, Hammon takes a word of the day and makes an erotic story out of it. It’s a hard challenge that she pulls off quite well. It’s also one of those brilliant ideas I wish I had first.

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie soundtracks are currently my favorite music to have playing while writing. They both carry a lot of menace and bold action in their scores, which is terribly similar to BDSM fiction.

Speaking of BDSM fiction, I am currently writing a massive story about Spring Break. This means I am looking at lots of bikini photos, reading a shitload about Cancun and writing so much my fingertips are getting sore. It is a bit different from what I usually write as it is more summer movie-ish. It’s not a deep story, but its got an abundance of flesh and sun which I am finding greatly entertaining. We have to get the BDSM out of the mansions and darkness sometimes.

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  1. Sounds like tough work Shon, but someone needs to do it. My favorite soundtrack to write to used to be The Empire Strikes Back, but then I would get caught up around the time of the Imperial March and lose my place.

  2. I had that problem with the Shaolin Soccer soundtrack. Every time the music would shift to the monks rediscovering their ki I would have to pause and take a moment of silence.

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