Feb 022007

I may not always practice it but I know its true: If you want to be good at something, you have to keep doing it.

I’ve been on a martial arts movie kick lately and I am a sucker for the training scenes that is always in such movies. The poor hero finds that no matter how cruel his enemies are, the training that his beloved teacher dishes out will be far crueler. There is a sadomasochistic relationship between teacher and student in these films that fascinate me as a dom, but as a writer I know it is the right relationship. The student needs to suffer, he needs to take a beating and he needs to do back breaking physical labors because in his chosen field, that of a movie action hero, he is going to be beaten down a lot so he might as well start practicing it now.

What is true for martial arts movie heroes is always true for erotica writers and bloggers. We need to keep at it. We need to write everyday no matter how much shit we have to do. We need to come up with coherent posts and thrilling stories no matter what terribly important things may be happening with our lives. We have to push through colds, work schedules and pissy relationship turns and force ourselves to keep writing. We have to push through and adhere to a schedule because when we do get that brilliant story idea and it needs to be done, life and destiny are usually jealous assholes about letting you have the free time to write that wonderful perfect story. If you think you have a hard time now finding the energy to create a story, just wait till you actually have a story and you have to start clawing time away from other alleged more important things to do.

So there. If sitting down and writing something new for the day seems unglamorous, think of yourself as a driven action hero or heroine. Your blog is your cruel Master or Mistress that demands you wax on another post despite your sinus headache. It demands you learn the multiple point of view technique or else you will be called a lazy three legged yak. Resent the fuck out of your blog and call it nasty names while you sit down and write something just to keep your writing skills sharp.

I haven’t worked out the analogy of what happens when someone kills your Master and you go on a two hour rampage of revenge but then, that might be tomorrow’s impossible task.

  3 Responses to “The Cruel Lessons of Chiun and Pai Mai”

  1. My blog kicks my ass everyday, it mocks me and calls me nasty names and makes me fetch water from down these really, really long steps. Sheesh. But I have a plan, a sneaky plan, and one day I’m gonna gouge my blogs eyes out with a blunt stick and teach it a lesson about who is boss around here!

    Or not, I really don’t wanna make it mad. The health benefits are good.

  2. *speaks in an strained timed dubbed voice with lips that are out of synch*
    Thank you for masters’ kind words of wisdom.
    It is an honour to be able to show my appreication and take with me the valuable lessons to self motivation and persistance.
    I look forward to master’s lessons in the future ;)

    (i don’t think your martial art movie run goes as far back as bad dubbing days huh )

    as for social anxiety, i know all to well how that can cripple you or sometimes trap you within fear or paranoia at worst, especially with your own works of creation.
    but keep up the self faith, you’re a lot more talented than you most probably realise ^^

    From a quiet Mystique, currently studying the arts of lurking ;)

  3. Art- Few things are more fearsome than a blind blogger, good luck!

    quiet Mystique- Thank you for the kind words, I will keep that in mind.

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