Feb 262007

Every man alive and every woman who has ever been woken by a crazed lover at 5 am knows what morning wood is. It’s the amazing phenomenon where a man is horny and ready to go as soon as he wakes up. I’m not too sure about the science behind this, but I suspect it has something to do with Wood Fairies who flitter in on gossamer wings and wrap their tiny little legs, arms and breasts around human cocks. This explains why my boxers always seem to be in such a mess when I wake up.

Anyway, I was wondering if it was possible to kick morning wood up a notch and turn it into Monday Wood. This is when a guy is horny before his week starts because on a subconscious libido level, he knows this week is going to rock. It’s like your cock just knows that Monday will involve a naked cowgirl, Tuesday will be the day a sexy geek moves in next door, Wednesday will be the day you find the sexiest blog ever, Thursday will be your first fivesome, and Friday will have something to do with Shakira. It’s about being horny and ready to go for the week, starting Monday morning. Let’s get rid of the ‘I Hate Mondays’ attitude and replace it with, ‘Monday? Sweet! Let’s get laid!’

What are you sexually excited about this week?

  3 Responses to “Monday Wood”

  1. For starters, these erections that are kicked up a notch!

    (I have cowboy boots …)

  2. I’m hoping to get laid twice this week.


    You’ve seen fairy-hentai, right? With the tiny fairy-girls who love to do just what you described?


  3. Everything lately! It’s like someone sprinkled with me with the femme dyke version of woody dust. Sheesh. Unfortunately TGF isn’t feeling all that well and I’m about to lose my mind.

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