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A few years ago I decided to give photography a try. I quickly came to the understanding that to be a good photographer, you needed pretty much the same level of practice that I was currently devoting to writing. I already had a hobby and it was already time consuming. Digital cameras were also a bit pricey at the time and I wasn’t willing to spend that level of money on something that wasn’t even a hobby to me yet.

Today I got a rather abundant tax return and decided to take the digital camera plunge. It’s odd, having a blog makes me feel like I would have more use for the camera. The past year I also discovered Flickr which has raised my interest level to the point that I think I can sustain two hobbies. Bloggers like AAG and her amazing flowers have taught me to appreciate beauty in every day things. I see a lot of similarities between writing and photography and I’m eager to start combining them.

The question now becomes, which camera? As an amateur that has been plodding along with a 10 year old digital camera, I am bewildered and amazed by the options today’s cameras have. Megapixels? Apertures? Sheesh, it can be quite intimidating. In writing I started with a keyboard and Notepad, I didn’t have to try to figure out what features of Word I needed before I started telling the story.

What amuses me is that what I will use the camera for doesn’t exactly get spelled out in customer reviews. I want a good camera for taking nudes, I want a good camera for taking pictures of six inch action figures. I want a good camera that I can take to a geek convention and snap pictures all day long without the battery expiring. I want a camera that is easy to use that I can grow into in between writing ten part Spring Break sex romps. What’s a good sex blogger geek friendly digital camera?

And can I get one that comes with a supply of nude models?

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  1. Photography, specially digital photography, really is a black art. When my mate got into it for class (and later found out she loved it), I took the same advice my father gave me. Start with a low to mid-range camera until you know what you want, then you’ll know the questions in terms they can answer.

    SLR’s are a good start though, they let you swap out lenses to handle the up-close (figures) and further back. Plus, you get the really nice filters (I *love* the infrared with naked women) that work better with it.

    And, sadly, I have never found a camera that came with a horde of naked men or women, but I’ve been looking myself. If you find one, point me in that direction? :)

  2. Thank you for the compliment! As I’m sure you know, I’ve worked hard on improving!

    I adore my Canon G6–7.1mp. It’s a point and shoot…not an SLR. For a beginner, I would strongly recommend a point and shoot over a SLR. You get many more easy to use features with a P&S and you can very easily handle the macro (action figures) work without the purchase of extra lenses.

    If you also have a decent editing program (Photoshop or the like) you can do pretty much anything you like.

    Email me, please, if you want to know more.


  3. I came back to photography after being away for awhile. I was amazed how much lighter and easier to use the equipment has become.

    With the new mid range SLR’s I’ll have to disagree with other posters and suggest something like the Canon Rebel. Especially for up-close figurines you are much more likely to get what you are after.

    For sorting pictures and light editing I use Thumbs plus (cerious.com) It lets me sort, crop, adjust contrast and brightness, and minor color adjustments without the expense and learning curve of the heavy programs like photo shop.

    The only camera that comes with models is Nikon. Greatest chick magnet since a stuffed speedo.

  4. Second the Canon Rebel. I currently have the 35mm and the digital version. The cool part is I can use the same lenses for both cameras.

    When your starting you can use the automatic settings for great pictures, and then experiment with the manual settings.

    With the 35mm I can develop my own film and make my own prints at the camera shop. I only add filters and what not in the dark room. Not while I’m capturing images. I don’t manipulate my digitals unless it’s cropping.

    I think the hardest thing about digital images, is getting them from your computer to your photo albums or into picture frames. I now upload to Walgreens, pay for my images online and then go pick them up. I can also upload them to the store by my mom’s house thousands of miles away.

    No tips about the naked women. But once I found a roll of black and white film at my Uncle’s house. I thought I would develop it for him as a surprise. It was woman posing in lingerie. I was in my photo class, so I didn’t really have time to study it, I just threw it away. It didn’t look my Auntie Nita!

  5. Speaking of photography and bondage. One of my all time favorite stories.


    It helps to know the cast of characters.

    Lochai – Well known rigger and fetish photographer based in South Florida. Very nice low key sadistic gentleman

    Master Z – Probably 350 pounds from Chicago. Also well known sadist in the BDSM community. Famed for doing entire scenes without leaving his chair.

    Madison Young well known bondage model. A friend of mine did a scene with her where he single tailed her butterfly.

  6. Well, you can write a great novel with a pencil and paper, on a Brother Typewriter, a word processor, or an expensive graphics tower computer. The same is true of photography.

    So the question becomes, what do you want to do?

    The very best solution can be rather expensive, but will never go out of style. And that is a good, solid SLR with BOTH manual and automatic features, that ALSO allows for lens changes, I would recommend that you get one that allows for CANNON lenses (Those are the most easily gotten, highest quality for the price.) I bought one three years ago and it is still a great camera. I have four lens attachments for it, a good solid normal 150, a macro, a wide angle, and a zoom, high-speed lens.

    Having said that however, I also have a great P&S camera that won’t let me take a bad picture. I got the SONY Cybershot DSC-T5, it is about the size of a cellphone and takes amazing pictures, has a decent zoom and all the other features a good P&S should have. I honestly take most of my pictures with it, cause it fits in my jeans pocket and I can take it anywhere.

    Cameras today are so easy to use, but the basics of great photography still apply. If you are planning on shooting indoors (nudes?) then the MOST important thing isn’t the camera, it’s the lighting. No matter how expensive the camera, they all suck without proper lighting.

    Heck, I’m also just an email away.

  7. Wow, thanks for all the responses. You have all given me something to think about

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