Feb 082007

I’m a dom but when I get started on a long story, an irresistible excitement takes me over. I get up earlier and earlier for more time to write. I sneak back to the computer and add another paragraph. While I am typing, I fight any reason to stop. Food, money and even sex are just irritants when I am in this mode. I am bound the keyboard by fiction, bound tighter than any handcuff, chain or duct tape. I become fiction’s bitch, serving the story as best I can till it is satisfied.

  3 Responses to “Fiction’s Bitch”

  1. Hey, Fiction’s Bitch, get back to work!!

    Heck, I know that feeling very well, although lately I’ve been more of work’s bitch. I gotta find some time to write something soon or I might hurt someone.

  2. That looks like it must have hurt comming off with all that hair

  3. Art- Fiction’s Bitch might be a more popular name for the blog :)

    Mandy- The tape looked like damn Nair when I pulled it off. My wrist has 50% less hair right now lol

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