Feb 142007

Mr. Flint looked down at the kneeling girl. She was outside his door, and he assumed she was the one who had knocked. It was a brisk evening, but he guessed the weather was not why she was wearing the black trenchcoat.

“Who is it?” Mrs. Flint called out.

“Some girl,” Mr. Flint yelled back.

Mrs. Flint came to the doorstep. She was dressed to go out and just needed her diamond earrings. “Is she yours?”

“Not mine,” Mr. Flint said. “I thought she was yours.”

“Excuse me,” the girl said. “I don’t belong to either of you, though I one day wish to. I have seen you both at the dungeon but could never approach you. I offer myself tonight as a Valentine’s Day gift.”

Mrs. Flint snorted. “I take it you are wearing something fabulous underneath that coat?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the gift said.

“Then show us,” Mr. Flint said.

“May I come in? To show you?” she asked.

“No,” both of them said.

The gift nodded and stood up. She opened her coat and let it drop. She was a tall girl, with her chest wrapped in a tight red corset that pushed her breasts up into a shelf. White lacy gloves adorned her hands and came up to her elbows. In contrast to the elegant corset, she wore tawdry red crotchless panties that showcased her shaved cunt. White stockings covered her long legs ending at sparkling red high heels. Little red hearts had been drawn on random parts of her body like little treats.

“And you are offering this to us?” Mr. Flint said.

“Like one of those anonymous Valentine’s Days gifts that lovestruck fools give their crushes?” Mrs. Flint said.

The gift nodded her head.

“Foolish slut,” Mr. Flint growled. “We had plans tonight, and you thought you can just insert yourself into those plans?”

Mrs. Flint agreed. “We had reservations at the finest restaurant in town, and you think you are worth canceling for?”

The gift didn’t answer. She felt foolish and arrogant. The rejection was more painful than anything she could have imagined.

Before she could do anything, Mrs. Flint reached for her hair and dragged her into the house.

“You had better be the best damn Valentine’s Day gift we’ve ever had.” Mrs. Flint said.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Secret Gift”

  1. At first I was disappointed that you didn’t provide the rest of the story. After thinking about it, I realize you did give the whole story, or at least the best part. There are lots of stories that go through what could be the “rest” of the story, but it is your beginning that is original and very entertaining. Thanks.

  2. Thanks HH. I sometimes feel that what ruins a sex story is the sex. The part I covered is the part I was excited about, the sex is just bonus.

  3. interesting story, never thought about a Dom/me couple–i think that would throw me off quite a bit

  4. Red- It’s a weird dynamic. Out of the half dozen dom/me couples I have met, none of them have shared their subs with each other.

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