Jan 152007

This is such a hard holiday to write about, especially on an erotica blog. Do I talk about how hot black women are? That seems tacky. Do I talk about the complex emotions that are involved in interracial BDSM? I am not remotely qualified to talk about it although it fascinates me. Do I talk about how lately it seems like the African American Romance section in Barnes and Nobles have the sexiest covers I have ever seen? Again, that seems weird.

As a white man living in the South, I have seen almost daily acts of racism. So much of it was a sort of negligent racism, where white people turned a blind eye and told themselves it wasn’t their problem. My parents didn’t believe racism really existed like they portrayed on television; that it was just something minorities made up in order to get sympathy, and yet at the same time they forbade me from hanging out with a friend who was dating a black girl. I often feel that a culture that tolerates racism can never really claim to be a compassionate one; which to me is the true hypocrisy of America as some sort of Good Nation.

I’ll just say this: Racism sucks and I hope things get better for the minorities in this country.

Now I’ll get back to writing my interracial librarian story on this day off.

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