Jan 232007

Ages ago when I was a teenager, I used to set my alarm for 5 in the morning so I would have some private time. Free of my parental dominance, I used this time to make adventures for my role-playing games, write really bad erotic fantasies and do a hell of a lot of masturbating. From five till seven, while my parents and siblings slept, I got shit done.

Now years later, my wife has had to change her work schedule. She gets up at 4:30 in the morning and out of sympathy I get up with her. She leaves for work at 5:30 and I am sitting here before the crack of dawn with nothing to do except well, write porn.

It’s been fucking great. In a quiet apartment, before work starts calling me with requests, before my friends tell me their latest confessions and before even the news has awoken to tell me of new scandals, I sit here in erotic isolation. My mind speculates without interruption about willing mouths, cruel doms and breasts of all shapes and sizes. I swear I wake up horny, almost too horny to masturbate. It’s like I am interrupting my normal wet dream cycle and those fantasies have to come out somewhere. I’m just lucky I can get them out onto the page.

I think when my wife resumes her normal schedule, I’m going to keep getting up early. Or at least till the stories run out.

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