Jan 092007

Yesterday my computer died. I was in the middle of writing a story I am quite fond of when my monitor froze and then my computer restarted itself. When it came back on, instead of a normal screen, I had a lot of gibberish filling my screen like a secret UFO transmission. Yep, that computer is possessed.

And since it ate the story I was writing, I hereby proclaim that story to be the Greatest Thing I Ever Wrote. Just take my word on it. It would have turned your sex organs into volcanoes. It would have haunted your dreams. It would have made you so horny you would have been humping your chairs. It’s true!

In honor of the Greatest Story Ever, feel free to write your glowing praise now. Send me your naked pictures, your incredible e-mails and blog about how it changed your life. It was THAT good of a story.

  2 Responses to “Greatest Story Ever”

  1. Is this some kind of an allegory?

  2. Shon, I am writing this comment in high praise of your story, honestly it changed my life! I’m not the same person I was before I didn’t get the chance to read it, inside I am different somehow, things make sense now, the world is brighter, the darkness somehow lighter and I love all of mankind… we’re going to make it, I know we are! And it is all because of you man.

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