Jan 172007

Paula didn’t say a word the entire time her dom wrapped her in rope. The last time she’d spoken during a bondage session, Victor had gagged her with her own panties for 12 hours. As soon as he started to strip off her clothes, Paula kept quiet and compliant. She knew he would reveal the kinky game they were going to play when he was ready and not a moment before.

Today, he had bound her naked body to the bed in the basement. Her hands were tied together with thick corded rope and anchored to the center of the headboard. Coils of rope wrapped each ankle and pulled her legs apart in a V. A network of ropes encased her torso, pulling and squeezing her tits into painful tight mounds. More insidious was the series of knots that ran from a belt of rope around her waist, down over her cunt and up again between her buttocks. She had already soaked that rope with her arousal, and the rope was constricting more tightly against her pussy. Finally, Victor took off the leather collar she wore every day and replaced it with a single cord. He tightened the rope around her neck till it was just shy of choking her.

Paula waited. She could feel her heart beating so hard. She thought of the hundred terrible things he could do to her in this position and then she thought of the hundred terrible things he had done to her in this position. What would it be today?

“The boys are coming over,” Victor said.

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Despite her best efforts at being silent, Paula moaned in despair.

“That’s right,” Victor said. “All of them are coming over today, and all of them have asked if they can fuck you. I haven’t decided yet. I know how little you care for them, so today I’m giving you a sporting chance. All you have to do to avoid a gangbang is escape. Get free of every inch of rope on you, and I’ll just lock you in the cage when they come over. Aren’t I generous today?”

“Yes, sir,” Paula said. “How long do I have?”

Victor walked over to the chair facing the bed and sat down. “I don’t know. Jacob is the designated driver, so they’ll be here as soon as he picks everyone up, I guess. I’d start trying to escape now if I were you.”

Paula did. She twisted her wrists and ankles as much as she could, trying to find which of her restraints might be looser than the others. The twisting agitated the knotted rope on her cunt. Paula ignored the fact that she was still soaking wet even with her plight spelled out for her. As she twisted, she kept flashing back to Jacob. The bastard loved to choke her, and his preferred method was with his cock. Paula could remember the taste of his cock as it slammed down her throat as well as the ache in her jaw she had for a week afterward. She struggled harder and tried not to feel Jacob’s balls already resting on her chin.

Her left hand felt looser than the rest of her body, and Paula pulled hard on that hand. The rope burned her wrist, and she had no doubt that Victor had left it loose for just that purpose. It was slack enough to pull her hand through, but the rope was going to take its price in pain. Paula cried out as she tugged her hand through the fiery embrace. She could almost hear Victor laughing at her discomfort.

Someone else who loved her pain was Owen. Oh, God, he was a worse sadist than Victor. He’d bring his own clamps, the bastard. They would be cruel alligator clamps that he would place on her nipples and cunt lips. He would leave the nipple clamps on as he fucked her, taking pleasure in watching her tits bounce. As for the clamps on her cunt? Oh, he would take them off when it came time for fucking, but he would leave them on when he ate her pussy.

Her hand popped free. Paula started to laugh with relief. She stopped, though, before she got hysterical. Her hand went to work on her other wrist, looking for any knots that were looser than the others, trying to create enough slack to pull her right hand free. They were there, but pulling at them with her left hand was more difficult than she’d first thought. The knots fought her, resisting every effort, and when the rope did begin to give, it did so teasingly slowly, as if it were taunting her.

It reminded her so much of Larry. He always took his time with her, as if he were relishing every once of hatred she had for him. From gradually stripping off her clothes to slowly, tediously penetrating her ass with his cock, he never rushed through anything. Time dragged with him, and he could make 20 minutes of ass-fucking seem like a night-long ordeal. Even his climax was slow, one pump of cum spaced out after another.

Paula got both hands free. Victor rewarded her with an insincere clap of his hands. She took a moment to flex her hands and then sat up. Her tits ached as the ropes binding them jiggled. Pulled together like this, her breasts were so damn sensitive. They felt like they had been mauled for hours even though she knew it had barely been 5 minutes. Paula whimpered as she realized that if she didn’t escape, her breasts were going to be mauled for hours.

With her hands no longer bound and pulling her taut, Paula was able to scoot her ass down and create some slack in the rope holding her ankles. The knotted cord tugged at her cunt, but she ignored the incredibly arousing sensation that produced. She went to work on the rope and did her best to get her ankles free.

So close to being free, Paula couldn’t calm down. The tension was too great. Even though she had both hands working on the knots, she was panicking too much. Her fingers slid off the knots, and at one point, she was even tightening a knot before she realized her mistake. As she screwed up more and more, she kept thinking of Alan and his belt. He would whip her ass, she just knew it. Every failed attempt at a knot would mean another swing of his belt on her ass. Every second she wasted was another 30 lashes he would burn into her backside. The fact that he would make her thank him for every stroke of the belt just made her fingers shake more.

To her surprise, Paula got her feet free. This time there was no applause from Victor. She didn’t need it. Paula knew she had a lot more to go. First, she pulled at the rope encasing her breasts and released her heavy tits from their prisons. The relief at removing another length of rope turned to whimpers of pain as the blood rushed back to her tits. Paula balled her hands into fists as the pain crashed into her.

A car door slammed outside.

“You have till they walk into this room,” Victor said.

Paula started to pant in fear. She pulled at the rope belt she was wearing. The knotted rope did terrible, wonderful things to her slick cunt. Of course, Victor had tied this belt with tougher knots than anything else. Paula clawed at the belt and tried to overcome the evil knots with sheer force and fear.

She thought of Daniel and his need to make her lick his boots. She thought of Kevin and his hands slapping her face. She thought of Freddy and Hank double-teaming her as they always did. She thought of Theo climaxing in her hair. Worst of all, she thought Victor looking on and waiting to punish her if she dared resist any of them.

What she didn’t think of was how wet and horny she would be when Victor dragged her back to his bed and reclaimed her after what his friends would have done to her.

The boys were coming down the stairs as Paula ripped the belt off her body. She collapsed to the ground just as they walked in. Their talking stopped as they saw her, and she giggled with joy. She had done it! She had escaped her master’s friends, at least for today.

Victor walked over to her, and to Paula’s surprise, he was smiling. He reached down and hooked his fingers around the single cord of rope that encircled her throat. Paula, in her great escape, had forgotten to remove the rope that symbolized her collar.

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  1. She thought of the hundred terrible things he could do to her in this position and then she thought of the hundred terrible things he had done to her in this position.

    Mmm … That’s a great line.

  2. Wordslut- Thanks :)

  3. red velvet Thanks, I’ll take that :)

  4. Very nice Shon. The sense of urgency came through nicely. I found myself trying to read faster as she was trying to get the ropes off. I had to slow down and go back through some of the passages again.

  5. I’m with hhteh, I ended up reading it at a furious pace, for the same reason.

    I liked your device of recalling past experiences with every member of the group as she’s trying to get untied. It was a nice fresh way of writing something like this.


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